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Nate is the biggest fool in the whole world, hands down. 

Rating System (Stolen ideas from Shatnershaman):

5 Stars - Perfect

Only Give to the best shows I've seen and my favorites. Very exclusive.

4.5 Stars - Excellent

Given to shows that were extremely good, not perfect, but really dang close.

4 Stars - Very Good

Given when a show was really good and definitely worth the watch.

3.5 Stars - Good

Given to shows that were... well... good! It's easier to say that shows in this range were slightly above average.

3 Stars - Average

Shows rated 3 stars were nothing special and I probably wouldn't recommend them except to Fanboys of the series and people with special interest in the show or its genre.

2.5 Stars - Below Average

It wasn't a good show. Glad I watched it for the experience but that's about it.

2 Stars - Poor

This show sucked and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

1.5 Stars - Bad

The show was hard to watch and I had to power through to finish.

1 Star - Very Bad

Holy s!@# that was bad. Don't ever make me watch it again... ever.

0.5 Stars - Painful

I wouldn't even recommend this show to my worst enemies. This was so bad I don't even know how it got produced. My reaction to anything in this category:  x9001(credit Shatnershaman)

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kaosu says...

lol totally worth the page stretching.

honestly i can never brush my teeth again without thinking that, and im pretty sure thats a good thing ;3

Mar 6, 2012
Minai99 says...

Initial reaction to Nise ep 8:(just finished less than 5 ago)


wow, who woulda known they could do that with a toothrbrush xD. The originality! the horrible, shameless originality xD 

Mar 5, 2012
Minai99 says...

had so much fun with this when I was like 12.

Mar 3, 2012
jualseta says...

New Daily Lives it out. Watch! I love Hidenori xD 

And you asked about Nise ep 8... did not like. I'm going to guess you did? 

Feb 28, 2012
ItsumoHitori says...

quite good too

Yeah, I'm already waiting for the bakemono sequel to finish, and i liked the beginnings of another and ano natsu so much I think I might just do the same

which of the new ones are your favourites?

Feb 28, 2012