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Fairy Tail is taking over my life, guys. Please send help... Q~Q

For real though, I spend my entire week going "Okay, it's Tuesday... I can definitely make it to Friday!" "Thursday! Alright one more day!" "Friday!!!!!!! Woohoo, 10:30, I am so there! Except I don't get off work until 11... TAT"

...This is what my life has become.

GIFs! Yaaaaay, everyone loves GIFs, right? I'm here to assault your computer (or mobile device) with GIFs. [Some GIFs may be spoilers. Proceed with caution and at your own risk. I think I took most spoilers away.]

Naoi is so freaking cute:

I'm not really sure why I love Btooom! so much, but it's one of my favorites.

I'm really a sucker for beautiful eyes. I love Himiko's eyes!

Again, those eyes...

I have a thing for eye patches. I really dig them. If I were to have an injury that renders one of my body parts useless, I'd choose an eye injury (preferably my left) just so I could wear an eye patch. Akito/Agito and Mei are my favorite patched characters.

This is one of my favorite GIFs.

Whisper of the Heart is my all-time favorite Ghibli film. I love it so much that I cry tears of love whenever I watch it. (Don't watch it just because of my overrated opinion, but I do believe it's worth checking out.)

Forgive me, please... I just really love GIFs.

Yaoi is one of the best things ever created.

Another character with beautiful eyes! I've always loved Ritsu's green eyes. T~T

Eeeyaaaa! The eyes, the blush, the RITSU. He's just too damn cute.

This is one beautiful GIF:

Damn it, again with the eyes! Oh man, and the tears. Come on, you guys are not playing fair!

At this moment in the series, my ovaries exploded from so much want.

If this GIF was a few seconds longer, I wouldn't be able to post it here. xD

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Werra says...

Hiiii! Really nice to meet you!That sounds good, because I will probably take you up on that offer! Any anime you'd recommend? I'm not fussy, so long as it's good, I don't mine genre/plot/themes/etc.

Squealing fangirl you say? Me too! Haha, so we can squeal together and frighten our neighbours with the racket! You sound great! Okay favourite pairings?Sounds like we'll get along great then! I'm the same! Do you RP or just read fanfiction? O8

May 19, 2013
jasonsaintjames says...

on sat bought plush russia + hetalia t shirt  =)

Apr 24, 2013
Zarrokian says...

Brave 10... and i just started watching Btooom! and it seems pretty cool... i also like that one girls blue eyes

Apr 18, 2013
Zarrokian says...

i was just watching an anime where this guy had an eye that could memorize whatever it saw and he kept it behind an eye patch most of the time and he kinda reminded me of sebastian from black butler, but then in one of the last episodes someone tried to steal his eye and he stabbed himself in the eye to protect the info in it... and that seems like it would probably hurt alot

Apr 16, 2013
BlackRoseLove4 says...

It was a real spider. Like I said, I couldn't even knock on the door.

I don't think I've ever concidered a bee cute though.

How would I be lucky though?

Apr 12, 2013