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***Eventually I will get around to updating this***

**Let's be honest, I'm not gonna update this**

I'm often reduced to a heap of living meat and tears a lot these days thanks to the shows I follow and the fact that I'm overly emotional. 

...This is what my life has become.

I'm shamelessly classed as a fangirl, and once I ship a ship, I will defend that ship to the bitter end, and with honor. I don't care if you disagree with someone's ship, but just let them have it. Someone shipping a ship that you don't ship will not affect your life, so there really is no need for negative comments. I love my crack, spur-of-the-moment, and I-ship-it-for-a-reason-I-promise ships as much as the ships that make sense to others.

That being said, here are my current favorite ships:

Makoto x Haru (Free!)

Sosuke x Makoto (Free!)

Prussia x Italy (Hetalia)

Aoba x Mink (DRAMAtical Murder)

Nozaki x Sakura (Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun)(But I also have this thing with Sakura and Mayu and I love it. Please don't ask. :P)

And for anyone who watches Fairy Tail and is wondering, I am team NaLu. I don't mind GrayLu, but my preference is the former. Also, I strongly dislike NaLi. Sorry, I just can't support it.

I have so many ships that I adore, so again, these are just favorites of favorites in case anyone is interested.

My ships are my life, so if any of these are a NoTP for you, please keep it to yourself. I respect people who ship my NoTPs, so I expect the same from others.

Please be respectful; that's all I ask.

Makoto is the most precious thing ever and anyone who hates him needs to fight me.

Just look at this perfect baby.

He is too perfect for this world.

I have two OTPs in Free! MakoHaru is the most natural ship I think I've ever shipped. They're basically a married couple already.

I now pronounce you husband and waifu.

Isn't he just adorable? I don't see how anyone could hate this angel.

Makoto is the sweetest lil' babe.

This baby is one of two characters that are an exception to my respect rule. I will defend these two characters to the end. I won't put another person's favorite characters down, but I will get nasty if you attack my babies.

Let me tell you a little something about obsession...

*swoons and dies*



On the other hand, we have precious Sousuke.

There are so few GIFs of him. He's my other favorite and I feel like he needs and deserves all the love in the world.

Legit screaming because of this cutie...

There are times that I feel like Gou. 

I love my babies so much. They give me life.

These losers are my life.

No Free! GIF set is complete without...

Officer "Hot-Cop" Matsuoka

If you can't tell, I love Free! a lot. This is my favorite series, and I just can't move on.

I didn't ship SouMako while the series was still going, but shortly after it ended, I saw some art and that was it. Anyone interested in SouMako should check out the fic "Future Earth, Future Sky" more commonly known as FEFSKY. It's a fic of amazing quality and is still ongoing at 57 chapters.

The idea is "canon continuation" of the series, so it's basically Inky (the author) continuing the story from a SouMako POV. It's really perfect! It feels so real to me, and it makes me so happy. If you like Free! and have an open mind, please consider this ship! It means a lot to me.

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BlackRoseLove4 Mar 28, 2013

Yeah, I enjoy bringing awesome times into those of boring times. I don't like it when I get bored.

I also can't stand when art is annoying. Like if I can't get over an art style after seeing it for a minute I can't watch it I'm like "No,.... just no." 

I do draw actually. I'm not that good at it either, but I am getting way better. I can draw dragons pretty good though. I love dragons. How bout you? Do you draw? I might have to watch the show if the art is as good as you say it is.

I guess it's a thing for me. I like to help people. Also picking out what stories can use helps my writing a bit and gives me ideas. 

I can relate to the hard time approaching people. It takes me some time to approach anyone. Although I have an aura of 'niceness' as my friend put it. So it's easy to be around me.

Oh yeah I guess we never really exchanged names. Nice to meet you Lindsey, I'm Cain.

BlackRoseLove4 Mar 28, 2013

I think anime has altered my brain to the point where I unintentionally add sound effects/colors/noises to my life now. Do you do that too? Also was it a good thing I read the sound effect in your mind?

The movie that I was thinking of was Ponyo. If you looked at the art styles they look pretty similar. (I have an obsession over art) Like you have an eye fetish like thing I have an art fetish? Anything that has pretty art is very hard to not have me obsess over.

I love to read, I used to read a lot like you did too. I am a quite shy person when around people. I do have a couple of close friends though. So I haven't stopped my reading all entirely, more like I read stories that beginners create and I give them suggestions on how they can improve it.

BlackRoseLove4 Mar 28, 2013

Nevermind I have found the movie that it reminded me of. One of the directors worked in both.

BlackRoseLove4 Mar 28, 2013

When you said done it felt like it was almost fading away like someone being taken away or something. Haha me and my random sound effects I add to my life.

The movie sounds pretty cool, I'll try and see it sometime. I just looked it up and the art style looks like something I've watched, but I can not remember what it was and it's been bugging me.

Do you like reading?

BlackRoseLove4 Mar 28, 2013

Exactly! I honestly don't think a person who was really wanted to spam someone was stopped and all of a sudden was like "you win this time, I'll go read a book now!"

Maybe when I'm finished with my book I'll let you read it. I'm working on refining my characters at the moment. The whole story goes in a backwords fashion as in my 'angels' are evil while the 'devils' are the good guys  and no ones known it for thousands of years until humans get their hands on the most powerful 'weapon' that grants the hearts desire.

Also I've never seen that, what is it about?