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tetra Sep 10, 2007

I am in Sweden, the cold land in the north (ok, maybe not as cold as Russia), and I am unemployed after just havin finished my education, so I have loads of time to troll around in here and watch anime ^^.

About my top5, I decided that 5 anime are way to few to be able to list my absolute favourites. Thus I came up with the idea to post top5 in a random theme instead. So far I have had a general theme, a shounen ai theme and now a highschool comedy/romance theme. Its soon time to switch again so keep your eyes open ;)

 I am glad that you like it here, try out the forums as well, and if you feel brave we have a chat that is linked to an irc channel. 

sothis Sep 6, 2007

Oh come on, splatter fests are awesome! ;)

~sothis, who loves a good gory anime

VivisQueen Sep 6, 2007

Saw your comments on Reawen's profile and thought I'd check you out. And man, excellent to see you were encouraged to do up your profile page, because, like Tetra, I'm amazed at the excellent introduction to anime you've had (2,3 and 5 of your Top 5 are some of my favourites too). But seriously, your tale is not unique - too many people who watch anime just for the naff gore or fanservice, and it means non-anime watchers think we're all perverts or just plain backwards. Anyway, glad to see you're using the AniRec to find new stuff you 'want to watch' (Cowboy Bebop is on there, yay!). Enjoy the site and do check the forums once in a while for interesting debates. ^_^

tetra Sep 6, 2007

Hi mr Random top5 anime ^^

I was so chocked when I saw your top5 on the users page, cause they are all good. Really good. Usually people tend to have aleast one really crappy anime as favourite...

 One anime I thought you would have seen (considering the focus on visual/intellectual anime) is Haibane Renmen, sine it is not in your watched or want to watch I thought I should steer you towards it.

Have fun!