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"He is a bad apple, a commie... a New York jewish intellectual communist crackpot!"

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wolfangel87 Nov 18, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

wolfangel87 Dec 23, 2007

So you like the more indepth, intellectual anime series, I really enjoy those too.  I have not seen Serial Experiment Lain but I have heard it is good and I have watched Death Note and loved the intellectual argument between the two main characters!

Hope you have a great holiday and a happy New Years!

sothis Oct 24, 2007

Where have you run off to? :D

Lolo Sep 13, 2007

Buttered toast.

Just a lil something random for ya ;) - the marvelous captain lolo 

BTW good luck in school this year :) 

VivisQueen Sep 11, 2007

Who doesn't have a reason to worry about their future? Lol. Mine is mainly because I worry if I can get the career I want (working high profile for an international charitable organisation). I want to help people, but I want to do it on the IR stage, not on a domestic level, and that's frickin' hard to get into. Constantly worried I'm not good enough, but that kind of attitude never helped anyone, so I worrya bout having that attitude. Haha! You know, just normal 'Shit, I'm going into my third year and I don't know what I'm doing' fears.