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My avatar is Shana from Shakugan no ShanaShe is the Flame-HairedRed-Hot-Eyed Hunter. I simply adore her. One of the best "Strong Female" Anime characters you ever get to see!

I love to talk to other constructive anime lovers.

Occasionally I pick up a random anime on netflix.

I want to continue watching Naruto, Bleach, and Hitman Reborn! - But have not had the desire to actually go and DO it. It's kind of a big commitment =/

Although it's not exactly listed under my favorite genre, Harem is also one of my favorite anime styles.

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Eclypse95 says...

Obrigado pelo comentario voces parece ser muito boa pessoa , E bom ver mais alguem que goste de ''Angel Beats!'' , tambem te adicionei na minah lista de amigos.Vou continuar atento nos seus reviews , e comentar .... Aqui esta opiniao de uns animes : Fairy Tail , Deathnote , Ao no exorcist ... Recomendo esses 3 , pode me dar uma opiniao ou indicar anime que deva ver :P?I made this video can you give me your opinion? plz


I wanna do more :D

I wanna hear more about you ... I think you are a great person , for what i saw ^^.

Apr 28, 2012
NoCheerios says...

I randomly greet people, though up until recently I only did it whenever I got on(which was roughly once every couple of weeks).

Anyway, I've seen "Angel Beats!", and I did like it. The thing is, the ending made me somewhat sad xD

Apr 26, 2012
NoCheerios says...

That's the sentiment, basically.

I essentially dropped Shakugan at episode 8, even though I didn't mind it much. I might pick it up again later.

Apr 25, 2012
NoCheerios says...

Probably a bit late, but whatever. Welcome to AP!

Apr 25, 2012
Vibezz says...

Thanks a lot i really like this picture, it's pretty good. thanks again!

Mar 29, 2012