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I'm at an impass, I don't know whether to continue to reject the movies and hate on them, or accept them and take them as a joke. The boy inside of me clings on the hope that they actually make a good movie, but I should probably just not indulge that hope.


I'm almost tempted to give it a 8/10 because it was so much, SO MUCH, better than most of the other movies, but once you get past the terrible expectations you had for this movie, you see that it really doesn't deserve more than a 2, maybe a 3/10 because it was so much better than the other movies. That being said, it was still absolute filth and I'm still furious over the way they are butt f*cking the franchise. They just will not cease to try to exploit it, because they know people will watch it, just because the series is so famous. Greedy bastards. I've come to try to enjoy the movies by pointing out the flaws and laughing at it. Also, it's nice to see Naruto get anally raped (no, I'm serious, anally. raped).

The premise was kind of dull, but I think they did a way better job than expected and it could have been way worse. What pulled it out of the 1/10 category was probably it's nice dark ending that differs from the others and the fighting. I still hated the fighting, and even more so the appearances that were made, but we'll get to that later. The part before the ending however, is absolutely beyond f*cking ridiculous. If you see it, you will understand what part I'm talking about. Though I would advice against seeing it.


Sadly, the set-up  does not differ from the other movies. A flashy opening, a conflict based on the flashy opening, a lot of talking that's supposed to build the background and get you excited (and fails at it), a new conflict that somehow renders the first conflict void, some touchy stuff, all his friends appear doing ONE f*cking move and then just deciding that they don't have to help, they can just stand and watch and the power of friendship will solve it all (even when Naruto is more or less missing 1/5 of his body), a lot of fighting that really doesn't make any sense, and of course the one power to end it all: RASENGAN!

At the beginning, Naruto is framed for attacking the Raikage (which he obviously didn't do and it's just absurdly stupid and I could rant a lot on how it was f*cking retarded) and killing a lot of people. He is then sent to a prison run by the people/descendants of the grass village. However, there is more to it than meets the eye, and it seems the higher ups of the grass village are using the prison for vile purposes to accomplish some sort of evil plot.

To some this sounds interesting, to others a bunch of crap. And honestly, it is a bunch of crap. There are holes in the plot everywhere, unnecessary events and maybe it's just me, but I felt like a couple of things were just left unexplained. 


What can I say? It looks great. It's not exceptional but comfortable to look at and I have no complaints really. I didn't notice anything that would push the extra two points though. 


I honestly don't know. I can't remember. That means one of two things. Either it wasn't especially good, or it was the exact same stuff they use in the series. Neither of these scenarios are positive, I think they should make an effort to make at least one thing new for the movie, but then again, they might have, I just don't remember. Voice acting. It's the same it always is I guess. Nothing bad, nothing exceptional. It's just good I guess.


There are three central characters introduced in the movie. It's been a while since I saw the movie so I can't remember their names but there's the Head of the Prison, the person Naruto calls an "okama" (gay, drag queen, tranny, whatever you wanna call it), and the Head of the Prison's "henchman". None of them are any special. None of them develop. Maybe the "okama" opens up a little but I wouldn't say she was closed to begin with.

The only noticeable thing that makes it a 5/10 instead of 2/10 is the Head of the Prison guy's actions. I guess he is a somewhat good character, though his actions 2/3 into the movie don't really make sense. Without spoilng, let's compare it to cooking. He desired a dish but he had to use a special ingridient. But he freaking looooves that ingridient and there is only one of them. The dish is more important though, so he makes the dish anyways. He fails, the ingredient is lost, and when they have a better ingredient to complete the dish, he makes the dish into the ingredient he lost. IF YOU LOVED THE INGREDIENT ENOUGH TO SPEND 15 YEARS TO DECIEVE EVERYONE AROUND YOU AND RECREATE IT, YOU WOULD NEVER HAVE USED IT!!!!!!!!!

3/10 story
8/10 animation
?/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Tinydestiny Feb 17, 2013

Maybe it did deserve more than a 4, because at times I found myself enjoying this one more than the others. But just because this one was slightly better than the other movies, doesn't mean it deserves praise. IMO.

bocoom Jul 1, 2012

awww i though this movie was a little better than a 4