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  • Boku No Hatsukoi Wo Kimi Ni Sasagu (personal opinion, not a review)

Boku No Hatsukoi Wo Kimi Ni Sasagu (personal opinion, not a review)

28 AUG

(dear readers, just re-read this (it's been months since I wrote this). This isn't particularly useful to anyone and it doesn't read well or clearly. Having said that, I'm not going to delete it for personal reasons. Like I've mentioned in the title, these are the feelings I (personally) had after reading this series and for me, I enjoy reading through this and remembering those feelings. So excuse my selfishness, and feel free to read this if you want to, but it's very long.)

Oh my god, just finished reading this manga, and wow. It has the qualities of a novel, because the way the characters act together is really realistic considering it's a shoujo, also it has the power to really move you.

I tried so hard not to get emotionally involved in this manga because I hate it when in the end it's not the happily ever after you wanted, the gut wrenching feeling you have when in the end it's just sad, I don't cope well with endings like that. I didn't believe this series would end well so yeaah I tried to keep a distance and just enjoy the romantic and playful side, and I kinda hoped it would stay playful and shallow I suppose, but it didn't, the last 10 chapters or so really drew me in. I just couldn't help myself, I started to really care about the characters, there were many tears. I wanted sooo much for them to be happy.

Now don't get me wrong, don't start reading it expecting it to be the gutting series because it's not, there are a few moments, like any good stories with drama, and a climatic ending, but the main story is rather cheerful, and like any shoujo there is a nice relationship developments. There is also a nice bit of jealousy, although with me personally, I love a bit of jealousy usually, especially the kinda that develops the relationship, but in this series it was more realistic in terms of how jealousy makes you feel, it was more painful like it should be. So although I couldn't enjoy it as much as I'd like to, it brought a new dynamic.

Another thing I like about this series is that it branches over 10 years, at the beginning it goes from past to present to future in a couple of bits, it's not confusing though. Like they're either looking back, or you get a glimpse of how things develop, although there is this one scene that you see at the beginning, but you don't see later on in the series, like it's possible that scene occurs but you don't actually read it. Which for me was a slight disappointment because I was looking forward to it, but mostly in a sadistic way heheehee xD

I kinda wish it went on a bit longer, it felt a bit closed off, maybe if there was more development with the classmates and field trips, because it centres ALOT around the couple, like there's a couple of outside characters involved, but not much of a class atmosphere, and for me that always makes it feel like a bit of a closed world. Also, they don't go out of school that much, like just to hang out and stuff, but I suppose that's understandable considering the school they go to.

I forgot what I was going to say now. Anyway, for the most part it's a nice typical shoujo series but with more depth, but also a very serious series, and I think it's underrated, and some kind of movie or book or something needs to be done with this. But please, if you're reading this, this is all my personal opinion, if you read it and then are disappointed or disagree with something I've said, and then be it on your own heads, because I've not written this to be analytically correct or anything, this is purely what I think. I wish I could gather all the thoughts I’ve had, and draft and re-draft this but I’m giving you my fresh opinion having just read the thing completely, it’s now 4:31am, although it’s not taken me too long to complete it.

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