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Paranoia Agent

Nov 21, 2009


Paranoia Agent is not a common anime, the story is full of symbolic and obviously wants to confuse you. Leading you to the wrong track and giving you a lot of questions.

The main story is about a guy named "Lil Slugger" that randomly attacks people with a golden baseball bat. But every episode is told in a different way and you keep on following other characters. While the anime starts normal it soon starts to become more and more surreal. You will find out that there is much more behind the mysterious attacker. The individual stories are nicely done, however in my personal opinion they weren't all interesting. The stories aren't completely independant, they will give you some further clues to the case of "Lil Slugger" and some characters show up again through the serie.

Due to this surreal, complex and symbolic storyline this isn't a story for everyone, but there is also a big variety that can keep your attention up. If you don't like being confused, you would better stay away from this anime. 


The animation overall is awsome done, it also offers a great variety of styles and moods. Sketches, realistic scenes, fantasy scenes and more.

But a big drawback are some of the characterdesigns who look disgusting. They may be meant to look like this as they had a fitting personality, but it just disturbed me.


The catchiest thing is the intro, it's music is odd, but fantastic. Apart from that the sounds are fitting.


As you follow another character in each episode, you will get to know a bunch of them.

A lot of background is given to the main characters, but you will still find a lot of points missing. Some are explained later on, some are left unclear. As most of them are just introduced and then you will skip to next one, there isn't that much devolpment for each character.

In Paranoia Agent it is often difficult to tell what's just a person's imagination and how to "translate" it to the real world happenings.


I think this anime is only enjoyable for a specific audience. I was something struck in between. Sometimes I enjoyed the anime, sometimes it bored me. Afterall I hadn't enough of my raised questions answered to be satisfied.

I would only recommend Paranoia Agent to someone who likes to puzzle about surreal happenings and symbolic pattern. For those people this anime might be an unique masterpiece.

7.5/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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