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Kurokami The Animation

Sep 27, 2010

I've found this anime, because it was recommended on this site for people who like Shakugan no Shana. After watching the first episode it left me with the same feeling - disliking the world scheme used in the anime but still liking the anime itself. Humans in Kurokami all have 2 identic looking doppelgangers sharing an finite amount of luck, if they meet only one of them will survive. (what the heck...)


The story begins with a typical hopeless guy (named Keita) finding a mysterious women (called Kuro) with strange powers. Entering his life with quite an heartbreaking ambush.... ok skip that, you can watch it yourself.

There are some good twists in the storyline and the strange world scheme will be explained, although some things will remain strange. Kuro seem to be able to live without an heart. Well...she isn't human, but still...

Or just check the how a "minus root" is created, it hardly makes sense.

They even sing "lack of logic" in the second intro song, knowing your mistake is the first step, isn't it?

But if you aren't too picky about logic there is enough stuff happening to keep you entertained.


What a sweet girl Kuro is, isnt she?...

oh ehm yes...animation. The animation is nothing too special and there are a lot of animes who do better, but it's still not bad. Except for some overused material...hey this is no freaking RPG where you have to see the transformation the 200th time and I even hate it in those.

The fighting scenes range from epic to what-the-fuck-not that-move-again.

Seriously, couldn't you give our heroine a bit more creative special moves? The enemys and friends do fine; The melee combat is splendid, but our heroine just knows hyper-mega-ultra-punches as special attack. Still the fightings are quite cool and worth watching.

And Kuro is cute!

I like the smooth drawing style, some of the coloureffects could have been done in a better/other way tough.

Did I mention that Kuro is sweet?...ok its getting old. And Shana beats you with her burning fire effects. Sorry Kuro.


At some places in the animes there are sound samples used, where I think they weren't that fitting. Oh and Kuro, would you mind to scream a bit more quietly in battle?

I like the first intro song.

Overall it's done good enough to fit, but nothing you will remember.


At the beginning you want to kick Keita right into his face, because he is a douchebag, later on you still want to kick him into his face because you can't count the "KURO!" anymore.

At least later on he isn't useless anymore.

Kuro's naive nature is stupid, but quite lovely and will be good fore some laughs.

Sometimes she can be bad serious,too.

The development of the two main character's relationship could have been done better, you don't really feel how the intense bound between them is established although the reasons are given.

The other characters are suiting for their roles and have some background. That's okey,


To sum it up, this anime is worth watching for fans of action-based animes.

Everybody who liked Shakugan no Shana may give it a try,too as they have quite some things in common. Altough I think Shana is the better one out of those two.

6/10 story
6.5/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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