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Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

[This was based on the first 8 of 12 episodes]


I first heared a summary of the story's beginning. The premise of a hero rushing into the demon lord's castle alone (leaving his party behind) to find out that the demon king isn't the evil he was prepared. So instead of fighting him he pledges to reforge the human and demon kingdom with him.

Nice little twist to start. Then add in some strategic economy stuff. I was expecting something along the lines of Spice and Wolf, which I really liked. They took this great premise - and dumped it down the toilet.

What did I want to see?

The hero's party struggle to reach the demon lord. nope, nothing.

A strong female lead character - oh was I wrong.

The other party member's disbelief. There is some later on, but it isn't done well.

What did I get instead?

Boobies and a demon lord acting like a naive schoolgirl.

There isn't even another demon in the first episode. The first episode screamed for some action scenes, but there was none. Furthermore the hero get's way too fast on good terms with the demon king.

The first 4 episodes you wonder what demons they are talking about there were none except for the demon kind and her maid to be seen.

Luckily there is more stuff going on in the later episodes, so maybe it will get better.

The economics and tactics aren't as good as in Spice and Wolf. Some are reasonable, some just shouldn't work (Why exactly did the demons just watch them building the ice bridge? the timespan for the agriculture change was also very short).


There are some scenes where the background is a bit bland, but otherwise the animation is very beautiful. Nothing to complain here.



This demon king isn't a demon king at all. It's fine that she is attrictive, it's even alright she loves the hero main character. BUT DON'T GIVE US THIS NAIVE SCHOOLGIRL FLIRTING! Her other strong traits are wisdom and knowledge, but it doesn't appear that she is strong. (Seems like the demons in that world prefer wise kings...well ok)

She just doesn't feel like a demon king at all!

The hero's main trait is his strength - extremely great strength (we are speaking about 1 men vs entire armies), he also got teleport magic. Otherwise I think the hero is kinda okay, but he may be too powerful (he doesn't have to fight that much yet though).

The hero's party didn't get that much attention yet, with the exception of the female knight who got a lot of scenes (and also longs for the hero) . The old man only got lines about boobs (seriously? why?).

Also they way the characters speak about boobs is ridiculously silly.


Great premise, awful realisation.

I'm not against harem/ecchi-like animes, but in this anime it doesn't fit the premise and ruins the mood.

I wouldn't recommend this series to anyone.

Edit: The last two episodes are far better than the rest and quite fun to watch. A lot of stuff happens, some of the tactics used are smart and even the characters are allowed to shine a little bit.

I've upped the score a bit, but although the last episodes are more enjoyable - overall it's still disappointing.

4.5/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
4.5/10 overall
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Thunderbird says...

"If you're in for ecchi scenes and panty-flashes"

uhm...did you read the review?

I wasn't in for the ecchi, in fact the poor ecchi ruined this show for me.

Dec 2, 2013
Poio says...

Completely disagree with this review.

If you're in for ecchi scenes and panty-flashes there is an ABUNDANCE of anime to see where it's done very well. This was not the point here though.

The story is explaining medieval reality (limited somewhat, granted), conflicts of race and faith not unlike our own world's struggles during the dark ages. If you substitute demons for "heretics" in the days of old crusades you can get a fairly accurate picture of the ignorance we once were capable of.

The only thing I found lacking was that there were no serious grief moments, like major characters dying, but considering it's meant to be a little bit "light and enjoyable" I found it acceptable.

This anime is by far one of the best I've seen in a while, but then again I'm not a teenager and have come to expect more than regular fanservice to make anime enjoyable.

Dec 1, 2013
MoutonRouge says...

Completely agree with you. :(

Apr 14, 2013