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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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joker717 Sep 24, 2012

Maybe you should find another avatar but please make sure it has the same basic expression it just seems to fit your "apathetic" personality

joker717 Sep 23, 2012

You Know you love becky!! LOL

I have just been up to the same old things Working, spending time with the family,and watching a little anime when I get time. One good thing is I don't get into politics as much as I used to. It was starting to negatively effect my blood pressure so I backed off from it.

BTW I have seen more anime probably because I'm unfortunatly a bit older than you.

Who wouldn't recognize bob's avatar

joker717 Sep 21, 2012

Wow its been a while, great to speak with you again. In honor of getting back in touch I changed my profile pic for the first time in almost 4 years to Becky!!!! Are you going to start posting hordes of bunnies now?

ShadowKurosaki Sep 3, 2012

Oh and that is the weirdest email address ever! Well I guess it's you... But still...

ShadowKurosaki Sep 3, 2012

To true, to true. Well I'm  better from before so that's something :)

Thanks hun, but the chances she will get better is nearly zero now. She is getting shots of this drug and parently it's basically the last resort/best drug out there. She has to get it like very 5-6 weeks but it only lasted her a week. But this last shot she just got didn't even last 12hrs. So there isn't much of a chance she will be functional in society.

I glad you're not dead! I would be very sad... and very freaked coz how could I be talking to you now? Yeah I completely understand that. What ever reason you where gone I don't care coz your back now that's all that matters! How about you don't disappear? Your not allowed to not even if ou die! :<

Well I break laws like not eating vegemite n roo burgers and changing light bulbs... I'm such a rebel...

(ewwww vegemite and meat *gags*)