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Popee the Performer, the pinnacle of all crappy anime and the magnum opus of Ryuji Masuda! Transcended the boarder with Poison and the infamous and legendary episode Sleep. That definied the series.

Nothing beats gathering a group of friends and watching some shitty anime. You should do it too!

As far as ratings go, if I like it, BAM! 4 stars. If I really like it, 4.5 stars.

And then it goes to 5, the holy grail of everything I hold dear.

3.5, it's alright.

2.5-3, I really have no clue.

2, it's crap, but I've seen worse.

1.5, hmm...

1 is the Popee level, this is where most shitty anime go. But the ever lovely pile of crap that is 0.5, reserved for things on par with Funny Pets and Funny Pets 2, only because I can't rate anything below 0.5 stars. Or star.

If I don't get around to your message in a reasonable amount of time, I'm working on it. I'm like this in the buddy groups too so don't fret.

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CaoMoo says...

If you like high stakes game Animes watch Akagi. It's pretty awesome if drawn wierd. The last game is well OTT and for me not quite as enjoyable but overall the series was fun, had cheating, lives on the line etc.

Oct 7, 2013
Minai99 says...

lol....popo... xD

Jul 3, 2013
LinkSword says...

I think I found a sort of predecessor for Seikon no Boobage. 

Jun 18, 2013
Sianeka says...

BIG CONGRATS on becoming a Silver level Contributor in TACO!!!!! 

Jun 2, 2013
Bradalee says...

Uuuuugh, i was going to wait until tomorrow to watch it, but fuck it. I'm doing it now, i need to experience this manliness for myself. And did i hear some say "dickpunches"? There fucking better be now.

May 31, 2013