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Shit defines a generation: Popee the Performer, the masterpiece by Ryuuji Masuda, defined an age in A-P, an age of homofabulous bonerisms and rampant debauchery of the sexual kind. It defined a time where people would get together to watch stupid shit and rave on how fabulous clowns are the epitome of sex, clown sex, sexy clowns, homoerotic sexy clowns and homoerotic clowns.

Basically, Popee the Performer was the tits. In particular Sleep and Poison.

If I don't get around to your message in a reasonable amount of time, I'm working on it. I'm like this in the buddy groups too so don't fret.

Ratings and crap:

5 stars - Perfection, or has enough perfect parts to be just about perfect.

4.5 - Just falls short of perfectionand/or is extremely awesome.

4 - This is the average, which means I either like what I watch because I only pick the good shit or have no real conception of rating things on a proper school-based grading scale in terms of C- to B+ or what have you. It kinda falls apart for another few grade points.

3.5 - Spiffy, but flawed.

3 - Eh.

2.5 - Meh.

2 - Meeeeeeeh

1.5 - Fuck this shit.

1 - Fuck this fucking ass shit fuckery.

0.5 - [Retracted]

One of these days I have to go through my rated anime/manga lists and reevaluate the numbers and shit, because 5/10 is suppose to be average or middle-of-the-road. Someday... Until then, I'll be slapping shows with 4 stars.

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BrainBlow Apr 7, 2011

*wall of text incoming*

Well the world turned crazy barely a week after I was banned(coincidence? I think not!), and then my personal life went to hell as my bitch of a step mother fucked everything over with her bitchiness and I moved in with my mother. That all happened as my "school steam" went empty at the same time as we got a billion important assignements! Everything piling up, I went into a mild depression and considered quitting school, as I had no e-vent and no forumites to lean on(and limited reach to friends). :(

It even put me off anime! After the step-mother incident, I haven't been able to watch more than two consecutive episodes of anime at once! Sometimes I went more than a week without being able to watch any! No escapism=more depression. My "withdrawal" over the TZH forum became the least of my concerns. I barely even care about it anymore.*monocle* But I slowly diddled my way into this forum, which helped.

So now I'll just have to hold out until summer, and repair the relationship with my father(who broke up with that bitch a month after the incident). Then things SHOULD become better again, as my best friend returns from America and I switch schools. And I'll have time for anime...

My bitching TL;DR

Out of everyone(aside from Yut, whom I speak to on skype), I pretty much missed you the most, man. :D I somehow managed to forget that you go here too.

I see, you're applying for being a reviewer? I read the reviews. I WANT TO SEE YOU GET THE JOB! Nice reviews, seriously!

On a different note, I bought Spice and wolf season 1 on DVD when I was in Oslo. It cost me 600 NOK(about 109$). I had already strained my budget, but I would not be able to forgive myself if I didn't! I wanna see a friggin' third season, and made my contribution.

cassiesheepgirl Apr 7, 2011


Thanks for your application, I shall pass it on to the other reviewers and we'll take a look. :)


theAlien Apr 6, 2011

Are you looking forward to any shows in particular for spring?

BrainBlow Apr 6, 2011


hi :D

theAlien Apr 4, 2011

I guess I'm pretty damn persistant :)

It's just a heads up. Don't feel rushed. Count this as a free pass to bother me when I'm lagging behind too... fair enough? :D