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Shit defines a generation: Popee the Performer, the masterpiece by Ryuuji Masuda, defined an age in A-P, an age of homofabulous bonerisms and rampant debauchery of the sexual kind. It defined a time where people would get together to watch stupid shit and rave on how fabulous clowns are the epitome of sex, clown sex, sexy clowns, homoerotic sexy clowns and homoerotic clowns.

Basically, Popee the Performer was the tits. In particular Sleep and Poison.

If I don't get around to your message in a reasonable amount of time, I'm working on it. I'm like this in the buddy groups too so don't fret.

Ratings and crap:

5 stars - Perfection, or has enough perfect parts to be just about perfect.

4.5 - Just falls short of perfectionand/or is extremely awesome.

4 - This is the average, which means I either like what I watch because I only pick the good shit or have no real conception of rating things on a proper school-based grading scale in terms of C- to B+ or what have you. It kinda falls apart for another few grade points.

3.5 - Spiffy, but flawed.

3 - Eh.

2.5 - Meh.

2 - Meeeeeeeh

1.5 - Fuck this shit.

1 - Fuck this fucking ass shit fuckery.

0.5 - [Retracted]

One of these days I have to go through my rated anime/manga lists and reevaluate the numbers and shit, because 5/10 is suppose to be average or middle-of-the-road. Someday... Until then, I'll be slapping shows with 4 stars.

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theAlien Apr 19, 2011

The first episode of Hyouge Mono is subbed! I wasn't too sure of what to expect from this one but it surprised me for sure! The narration had me laughing a few times too... I'm undecided on how much I like it though, I'll have to wait a few more episodes to see... The OP was so old school and kind of cool in its own way!

I still haven't finished Higurashi yet! AHH 3 more eps... I'll do it by the end of the week, I guess. I read your review and I agree with it on almost all the points. I get back to you on the ending soon. Did you like this season or the last better? Also, I can't believe you did the Monthly Marathon and managed to finish this as well! How did the Marathon turn out? Any good shows? And how do you end up choosing all this "crap"? For someone who's kind of a newbie to anime, I seem to picking my shows pretty well ^^

I actually surprised myself reading your post... I actually know what RTS is! You won't believe what kind of victory this is for me, being a non-gamer (or rather a sucky gamer). My gamer friends tried to get me into the popular ones like Halo/Black OPS/whatnot... and I was firing shots into the air the whole time and then eventually just shot myself -___-"  It goes without me saying that they gave up all hopes of turning me into gamer. And... Dinosaur? LOL I've never heard anyone refer to themself as a dinosaur :)

CHIMPS? Psssh! I'll have you know that my team is damn good! Made playoffs every year since it started! Even though I had no grasp of the game, it helped that I played softball. I've worked my way up to team captain now :D   ...Hitting the wickets is a no-no. If the bails of the wickets fall, then the batter is OUT. In outdoor cricket, distance is key. But indoors, it's more aim/precision of the hit and picking the weak spots in the fielding. Runs are scored everytime the batsmen run from the batting crease (area) to the bowling crease. You can get batters out the same way you can in baseball, by catching the ball, and throwing it to the wickets before the batsmen get there (instead of the bases, as in baseball). Does cricket make more sense now?

What's next on your watchlist?

theAlien Apr 15, 2011

The first episode of C was also interesting especially with the passing economic crisis and all. It's appropriate for the times, I guess? Take a look at it. Also I hope somebody subs Hyouge Mono. It would be a shame to miss it b/c there aren't any subs :P

Think we can finish up Higurashi by the end of this weekend? I so very badly want a good ending.

About your computer... what is Stronghold: Crusader? Forgive my ignorance but I have no clue what that is :P

I'm pretty sure cricket is British! No worries, when I tried out for the team, I had absolutely no idea what it was either! I just wanted to try something new/fresh and it turned out to be so much fun :D  It's very similar to baseball. Someone pitches or "bowls" and the opposing team bats and tries to score. I play indoor cricket so it's on a smaller scale but it's basically the same. And anyway, curiousity isn't bad at all--except for the cat that died but it came back to life with the satisfaction of knowing, apparently ;)


theAlien Apr 10, 2011

Ep 2 of Hana-Saku turned out to be good too! Hopefully this continues. I really should be catching up on Higurashi right now instead of this... I'm lagging behind badly too. Too much work and cricket practice everyday. Hopefully your computer gets fixed soon!

And now you've put Buddha on my radar! I'll check it out since it's just a movie :)

BrainBlow Apr 9, 2011

Well, I think I'll try to apply this summer, when most of my problems hopefully have been dealth with.



theAlien Apr 9, 2011

I'm trying out quite a few first eps this season. I'm mainly looking forward to Hyouge Mono since it seems so different. I was caught off guard by the first episode of Hana-Saku, slice-of-life really isn't my thing but this actually enjoyable. Tiger & Bunny pleasantly surprised me with it's new spin on superheros. And finally I'm thinking of checking out the beginning of Deadman Wonderland just because of Manglobe.

There's a lot of potential this season, but I don't think I'll have much time...