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Shit defines a generation: Popee the Performer, the masterpiece by Ryuuji Masuda, defined an age in A-P, an age of homofabulous bonerisms and rampant debauchery of the sexual kind. It defined a time where people would get together to watch stupid shit and rave on how fabulous clowns are the epitome of sex, clown sex, sexy clowns, homoerotic sexy clowns and homoerotic clowns.

Basically, Popee the Performer was the tits. In particular Sleep and Poison.

If I don't get around to your message in a reasonable amount of time, I'm working on it. I'm like this in the buddy groups too so don't fret.

Ratings and crap:

5 stars - Perfection, or has enough perfect parts to be just about perfect.

4.5 - Just falls short of perfectionand/or is extremely awesome.

4 - This is the average, which means I either like what I watch because I only pick the good shit or have no real conception of rating things on a proper school-based grading scale in terms of C- to B+ or what have you. It kinda falls apart for another few grade points.

3.5 - Spiffy, but flawed.

3 - Eh.

2.5 - Meh.

2 - Meeeeeeeh

1.5 - Fuck this shit.

1 - Fuck this fucking ass shit fuckery.

0.5 - [Retracted]

One of these days I have to go through my rated anime/manga lists and reevaluate the numbers and shit, because 5/10 is suppose to be average or middle-of-the-road. Someday... Until then, I'll be slapping shows with 4 stars.

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Funari Apr 29, 2012

Those tits look capable of using someone's face as a punching bag. Still, much better than Izawa sucking on Maeno's chest. Or was it the other way round? ...but anyways, you leave me no other option than to join and try to keep up this time.

roriconfan Apr 28, 2012

I have seen so much money flying around in Speed Grapher and that Disturbed Land of Confusion song that I didn't lift an eyebrow with C.

straydog Apr 27, 2012

shit son i wish, but my partner has already seen it, we're a 2 weeks past our starting point, and i just dont have enough time freed up to enjoy this the way i want to... so... imma have to post pone this bitch...more... but one day...... one day soon...

darczon69 Apr 22, 2012

Thanks for the add :)

theAlien Jan 20, 2012

It's good to hear back from you :)

I can't believe you only had ONE exam per week! Mine were like a day or two apart. Barely enough time to cover all the material. I can't believe you fell asleep during the exam! That's ridiculous! I'm always so nervous with any kind of testing so that's the last the last thing I could do. Are you in Commerce or something like that by any chance? I have microecon this semester and it's such a blahhh class. Though that's mostly the prof's fault. He has a sort of "Grandpa-voice" that acts like a sedative of sorts. On top of that, he reads all his lecture slides straight without any sort of expression. AND it's at 8:30am. It's just a horrible combination and it's so hard to stay awake ):  

The rest of my courses aren't too bad. I have cell bio, geography, chem, and physics. I was super excited to be done with math for ever only to realize that my required physics is specialized for engineers and enviro sci (my program). So I'm stuck with a course that incorporates ALL the complicated calculus that engineers use! So sorry for the rant  :P

You took French? I'm quite jealous! I don't have any electives till next year and even then I have a restricted list so I don't think I'll ever be able to do that. Are you any good at it?

Hahaha I know your soft spot now! Tsunderes :D

I'm taking it slow with anime right now. I usually get in about 1 or 2 eps a day if I'm free and I'm sticking to a single show at a time. I'm almost at the end of Hanasaku Iroha. I want to finish watching Penguindrum some time (I only got to ep 7). Did you catch that by any chance?

As for the new season, I want to check out Mouretsu Pirates and Another. I might catch up on other releases if I have some spare time.

I've watched a lot of non-anime shows recently. Now I'm getting into British TV too. You?