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Humanity Has Declined

Nov 30, 2012

Story: Humanity with all it's hubris, technology and nuclear bombs, nuculear power plants, nuclear fission and all that nuclear radioactivity falls to decay and loses all the good stuff. What's left is what Humanity Has Declined deals in and it deals some real good shit.

Surprisingly good as it gets off to a slow start that gives it a laid back slice-of-life/slow-paced vibe until the second half kicks in and things take a turn for the weird and morbidly hilarious. Morbid at times though with no thanks to the faeries. The stuff they say is downright hilarious and borderline realism in terms of seriousness. Pessismisitis- Cynical? Just that they can switch moods in a jiffy while keeping a wide grin makes it pretty damn entertaining. To help combat them is the Mediator, the one who usually talks with them and shares witticism and deadpan remarks. Pretty funny in her own right and the script between those two (Just going into them script-wise) is pretty hilarious. It's just funny.

The episodes can be split into pairs with each pair dealing with a scenario; be it the factory, a convention an island or what have you. It's varied but some are just better than others. At times I found my interest waning a bit but the output is more often than not good than bad and usually rates from crazy to batshit lunacy.

Animation: Someone threw paint in my anime and it looks damn good. Watercolours for the background and it works amazing. Contrasted with the more... less painted characters but not packed with detail. But again, for the Mediator's eyes, they look like they're shaded in pencil, which is a really nice touch. And the faeries, constantly smiling no matter what. Always a stepford grin that covers half their whimsical face. 

And that dance for the OP, boogie worthy.

Sound:  Speaking of OP, the OP is just catchy as all hell. Infectuous as the best of them and that beginning, so fashionable! And the EP, love the singer. But the voices, those I can comment on: The faeries could have been so annoying but they're actually pretty good vocally. It's not a constant high-pitched sound and for that, making them tollerable in a more... mellow way, like they're just talking (Know what I mean?) gives craploads of points for sound. And from the Mediator to Pion (Loved that verbal tic), the voice acting is tops.

Character: The deadpan snarking, morbidness extends here, so top marks here again. The Mediator and the faeries are the stars of the show and don't disappoint with the excellent chemistry they share. Everybody else is either there for the arc, minor or there for a few episodes at most but not overly prominent. Some of the characters are either quirky non-humans, laid back directors but we don't get to know much about them, which is a bit of a bummer. The world revolves around Pinky and the Faeries but it still has a good cast overall. And chemistry again, this has it in spades.

Overall: Was a bit uneven for me but the faeries were consistently funny. They could have easily been annoying but due to some miracle they aren't and overall, it was entertaining. This is easily worth a tryout but don't stop at the first half of the episode! It's true visage shows in the second half.

Ba-ba-baba-ba-ba-ba-ba~ Ba-ba-baba-

8/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8/10 overall

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