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Humanity Has Declined Specials

30 NOV

Taking into consideration the runtime that can mean either two episodes of Popee the Performer, one shitfuck episode of Funny Pets or two (At this time of writing) episodes of specials-

It retains all the delightful charm and crazy of the original anime while following a plot for 3 minute bites! Now that's quality. Adding the fact that it retains all the animation and style of the source material with the same brand of comedy and you got yourself a worthwhile few minutes that act as short episodes of the original stuff. What I'm trying to say is that it's pretty damn similiar to the original stuff instead of it being some nonsensical shit. And at this point, you should be watching it.

Sometimes specials aren't worth it but this special is. Or specials. This one deserves a needless shout-out because it's so good.

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