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For the October MM of 2012

Story: If for some reason you've never heard of Highschool of the Dead, it's about boobs: Huge, bouncing mammaries with more viscosity than jello and more bounce to the 'ounce, rivaling Seikon no Nipples in boob-size and Eiken in.... well, boobs. It's not known for much else outside back-breaking mammaries and fan-service. But titties, and you may think, "But there's dead, right? Undead? Zombies? It's in the title" and you may be right, but they are not as important as the hooters. Kinda like steam in a bathhouse, not important and sometimes gets in the way of the goods.

But I'm not doing the decaying justice, as with the undead comes zombie boobs.

I ain't joking about this shit. You know I don't joke about that kinda shit. But, you know, you can't have zombies without mammaries. Even one of the first zombies reached into the cleavage of a busty teacher to get some sweet cannibalistic loving. If there's violence, there are boobs. If there are boobs, there's more boobs. This show easily emphasizes titties over violence, but the violence it contains, is fucking badass.

It pulls no stops in being completely illogical in it's feats of badassery: spinning with wooden swords, acrobatics, fucking pimping air-time, it's packed with illogical shit. Normally people would be conservative and efficient but that's really for pussy ass bitches. The teens here know that to get through this kind of shit, you need to screw logic and whip out some real badass stuff. And it works. You'll forget how stupid it is because it's so righteously cool. It's pure, titty-filled dumb fun.

And it's pretty bloody. Bit in the arm? Geyser. Bit anywhere? Shit-tons of blood. It's said that the average zombie food has a fuck-ton of blood in it and cutting into a major artery expels said blood at an alarming rate. No difference here as when people bleed, and it’s often, they bleed loads. It doesn’t shy away from violence and promotes it among the titties.

I should also mention the crowning moment that defines the series: when Takahashi grabs a rifle and pops a few shots at some zombies, not only does it emphasize some reckless gunplay, but some of the most fine-ass jiggling in any anime. In slow-mo. And the ripple effect, holy shit. Jiggling at it’s finest.

Think I should wrap up story with the actual plot: Group of teens plus a teacher, a loli and a bitching dog (See the OVA), surviving in a world overrun with zombs with the goal of trying to find their families. Yup. Aside from the main group, it does a nice portrayal on humans being greedy bastards and doing their best to survive at the expense of others and at other times, humans being complete dumb fucks. And who doesn’t know that to kill a zomb you need to shoot it in the head? Stop shooting its chest with a handgun!

Sure it progresses at a nice enough rate, has some needful bathing filler (Of course it would have an episode devoted to fan-boobs and glistening bods) and some panty shots, I might add. Needless panty shots, the best kind.

Losing track; there’s no ending and it’s basically a to-be-continued. The manga is on hiatus, I believe, and there’s not much of a backlog of comics to warrant a second season but what’s there kicks ass and takes cleavage. Just remember that you will never be here for the plot, as much as you want to make yourself believe that shit. You are here for gratuitous fan-service, boobs, violence, zombie killing badassery and the world of buxom ass kicking.

Animation: I wasn't kidding on rivaling Seikon no Nipples in boob-size. Nurse Shizuka has Tomo-tits and if you've seen Seikon no Nipples, then you know Tomo's tits are fucking massive. The boobs are a selling point, and if you’re at a respectable age of a teenager, then 15/16 times you'll have jiggly mammaries. They range from mere jiggly to Manyuu Hiken-Chou calibur, also a show about tits. Literally. But size and jiggle aren’t all it has to offer, as these milk glands are glistening like they're oiled up. It's only to be expected, to put your eyes on the boobs instead of that other unimportant crap.

It also uses excellent camera angles to emphasize some nice gluts and panties. It’s totally unneeded at times but you can’t help but appreciate how it offers equal time to asses and panties instead of just boobs. There’s also some booty shakes but that might have just been the OVA.

The animation overall is pretty slick and looks pretty damn good. Polished, squicky when the zombs come and some nice red thrown in when the violence is cranked up a notch. Some excellent water effects, great depictions of rape-face from that scumbag teacher and while jello may never have that much jiggle to it, the bounce will give you more than your fill of it. But ripple effect, I need to return to that as holy shit of fucks that was crazy.

Sound: First up, Tomo-Tits has her own sound effects, including one in a booty shot (OVA again? You should watch it). Her mammaries warrant their own sound effect and an “Oh yeah!” thrown in here and there truly sells it. Love the gun fire, love the sounds of carnage, the VO are pretty snazzy and the OP, while half of it is fan-service, it kicks ass. No complaints here.

Characters: Surprisingly the women aren’t just bouncing mammaries, except for Tomo-tits. We get development from them as the world goes to shit and they’re some of the smartest people alive. Crackshot gun-wiz Kouta who you can’t help but like with his occasional psycho-murder rape face and badass Saeko with her kickass katana skills and being a total fox are two of my favorites, with their unbelievable skill in their respective fields of badassery. As absurd as it may be, no sane world would jiggle this much so toss all misgivings on the absurd to the side.

I’ll gloss over the others: Zeke truly comes to form in the OVA, Alice is the token adorable loli, Bitches Takahashi attracts bitches like hoes to a pimp, Saya is the rich princess who does surprise me a few times and Rei, a clingy tsundere that goes through absolute hell.

The aforementioned teacher gets another mention, as his constant rape-face plus his democracy for the BOP, Bitch Orgy Party (Why else would a teacher rescue some nubile females in a crisis such as this?) is completely unavoidable. Guy is as dislikable as the girls are stacked. And what family they do meet is as badass as they are, if not more.

Overall: 50% Badass, 50% Action, 110% Fan-service. This show takes the boobage of Seikon no Nipples and Manyuu Titty-chou and cranks it up, covering up the nipples and adding more jiggly action. As fucking crazy as that sounds, it’s true. The boobs overpower the zombies but it doesn’t take much away from the sheer unadulterated visceral fun of it all. Stacked with action and violence among the mammaries, it’s shitloads of fun without much of a plot to bog it down.

6/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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