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Oct 28, 2012

Before we get started, I'd like to tell you a little something about the OP: Right at the end of it, the protagonist, we'll call him Campione (More on that later), is sitting in a field of golden swords in the ground and know what? He's making it rain like Lil' Wayne up this motherfucker! Fucking raining swords and there's more swords than anything else in that shot. But to complete the scene, Campione is holding a big ass sword (Big enough that it's impractical in realistic fights) and is draped in bitches. I don't mean the guy all flabbergasped, or "Where did these bitches come from", or they're standing or sitting like him, none of that shit. Here, the bitches are literally draped over him. One cradling his neck from his back, one on each arm and one with her head in his lap, stroking his leg and he's sitting there like it's only natural that bitches flock to him.

And that, dear readers, sets the tone for this review. And this anime.

Starting with the plot, I couldn't care less about it. Straight up, you aren't here for plot or any of that bullshit. But if I must: it's about Campione becoming a Campione, which means God Killer, but when you kill a god, you get their power. Makes perfect sense, and Campione's power (Still MC) is the power of generalization, all sorts of shit that makes him a all-rounder, jack of all trades.

I don't know, he fights, gets wenches for his cause, fights some more, and that's about it for plots. There wasn't much in the way of it but I will say this: The fights kicked ass. Flashy shit went on and that field of swords shit? Fucking sweet every time he used it, which was every major fight. It's no spoiler because it ties in with the god-killing bit and you'll pick up on it soon enough.

Mentionable is the... ecchi content. It slowly escalates after the first episode whilst featuring one of the best ways to transfer information before reaching the near finale, which was holy fuck awkward. And I mean awkward. Total spoiler if I go on more but there was nothing subtle about it. Nothing.

Also mentionable is the gods/myth schtick. You learn craploads of some of the gods, loads of the stuff I got from it I never even heard about. It's pretty neat how they included it in and goes even farther considering how godly everybody is.

Animation: Glistening. The fems kept themselves in good shape, but to ensure this isn't all about leecherous perversion, the fights looked just as good, if not better. Yellow is the name of the game, with the golden swords looking as awesome as hell, flashy moves and giant ass flaming boars (Shit, that was some badass power) make for a good looking show. It's not perfect but I liked the flashiness and glistening of it all.

Sound: I liked the OP, the EP, some good fight music but nothing memorable. The VO I liked as well.

Moving on.

Characters: Quite the twist after the first episode, but it is logical (Thrawn logic here): Bitches love men with power. They're attracted to his nice guy, protective nature and his bitching golden sword god killing power. This not only explains his prowress in getting women, but also his strength in kicking ass as nice guys always kick ass in the end.

I can't remember what development we get for the wenches or for Campione but that's not important. The history on the gods should satisfy your desire for development in an ecchi anime about badass god killing. If you wish for more development, I got a hand to smack the stupid out of you with. Some change over time, Athena is cute and Liliana is one of my favorites.

Overall: This was good, dumb fun. The battles kick ass, are plentiful enough, there's a hint of sleaze and it gets shoved down your throat near the end and when it's fighting, it's awesome. Sure the story is pretty crap and there was some unrealized potential, but I came for the fights, turned my brain off and had some fun.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
7/10 overall
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aaroncb21 Jul 25, 2013

Perhaps the best 1st paragraph of any review I have ever seen. Made my day haha.