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Jul 26, 2012

Story: Lets cut to the chase. You aren't here for the story. The story's shit. What starts off as good dumb, perverted character building fun escalates into a revenge filled plot of ludicrous stunts, crazy developments and brain-shaking awesomeness* that can't possibly make sense outside an action flick. Even so, if the plot is shit (Harem/Ecchi/Comedy, all the tags for something that should forego plot), it makes up for it with it's humorous script. I was laughing at when it poked fun at itself, when it questioned what was going on and the antics in the obligatory hot springs episode.

It's funny, it wouldn't tug at your heartstrings or make you contemplate the falls of morality among the nobility of humanity or the world of economics, but it would make you laugh or at least smile. When it's trying to be funny with it's comedic perversion, it's great. It only falters in the second half when it tries to pick up the plot again with contrived coincidences and crappy... plot devices. Or twists. Some of them made me clap my forehead with my hand.

*Feel free to replace with stupidity.

Animation: Spinning titty GIFs. That's pretty much all the EP is, and that helps to make up for the severe lack of nipples. To help aid their rampant censorship and less-than-moderate decency, we get huge tracts of breasts. Massive! I ain't kidding, they are huge and I don't just mean in the harem. More than 50% of named females have bigg'uns and the one that doesn't in the quattro haremo, gets the most panty shots. I swear, one scene had half the camera angles looking at her glutes. It was a great scene.

Screw the other aspects, they're just scenery and shit. Except for that bike, that was both creepy and awesome, but mostly creepy.

Sound: This I loved. Loved the music and near the end of the series, last episode or so, there was this awesome guitar solo, so balls awesome that you couldn't help but air guitar. I may have been caught up in the stupidity at that time but it really was awesome. The EP compliments it, or that compliments the EP but the EP and OP are both quite good. The music overall I liked, might be overly generous but it worked for me.

VO, they didn't annoy me, so points for that.

Characters: Surprisingly, not bad. You get your backstories, you got a big-chested Saber and a maid, a decent hero and the secondaries, gold. The Butler, Alfred 'Fucking Bitch-Kicker' the Butler, easily one of the best characters on the show. Everything he does is cool. But sometimes they do stupid things. Really stupid things. And ludicrously illogical things. But apart from moments of stupidity, I found them tolerable enough.

Still not what you're really here for though.

Overall: Kinda hodge-podge there, but I had fun with this. It's nothing spectacular and the second half brings it down with all the politburo and revenge, but it's still fun and funny with enough perversion to help you through the series.

6/10 story
7.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Naga Aug 7, 2012

Oh I would give it a decent 6 but I still totally agree with everything...