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Maiden Rose

Jun 25, 2012

Story/Yaoi Guys: The rain is pouring down on the angst below as the train prepares to depart into the sunset dark, deep abyss, the abyss of one man's soul. The angst was in the form of a man, a good looking, bishonen who is a noble of some sort. He gives off a vibe of nobility and deep profound nobleness and approaching the angst is a rapist guy with a rape on his face face who looks like it's about to rape dat ass is mine before this ends

You see how profound that is? That's the anime, but not as profound, deep and know what? It's a load of shit, both of them are. You got two countries, Klaus and Angst are from separate ones and being the gentleman Klaus is, he rapes Angst. The guy puts up a magnificent facade as a noble gentleman whose a fucking badass on a bike; a role model for a kid, who gives him a "Do good shit" speech or whatever, encourages him (Essentially) and taps dat ass. You just know it's going to happen with a face like that.

It's hard to give a damn about the plot when it's shit. The war is a backdrop for love making and the ending is just terrible. Slapshod and added pieces until it became good enough to send on through. But you know this is bad, just not how so. There are some random bits after the end of each episode about chibi Wolf/Cats, but it's kinda... pointless. Didn't care much about them and by that time, my mind was just wasting away.

Come not for the plot, but for the sodomy.

Animation: It's yaoi. The guys have to look good.

Sound: Just kill me now. I can't even fucking remember the sound.

Overall: It was shit. The only possible way this is worth a watch is if you're watching it for some club that watches shitty ass anime, you enjoy yaoi and if you enjoy sodomy.

1/10 story
7/10 animation
?/10 sound
2/10 characters
1/10 overall

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