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Seikon no Qwaser II

May 23, 2012

Story: Sup dawg, heard you watched Seikon no Bitches and wanted more titty action so we made Seikon no Bitches II which has even more tits in half the run time! And all for your viewing pleasure, you sick perv. And that's not a mistake. The official nipple counter Schizm didn't lie. He just excluded some of the tits.

The plots this time around cuts down on the dicks with an all-female school + a crossdresser + an obvious expat from S1. Who else in this show has a scar? Don't answer that, I didn't pay that much attention. The plot itself is generally easy to follow but contains enough bullshit moments for you to question it. Complete blindness, character derailing moments, completely questionable moments, and the only saving grace of it all is a fashionable nipple clamp.

This goes on for half it's runtime, ending on a crappy note that goes past generic depravity and leaves the viewer unsatisfied in terms of intelligence, finality of it being over, a satisfying end and a calm stomach. And that's not even going into the events that happen in that arc.

That nipple clamp, appears in the filler for the rest of the season. The filler is, quite frankly, complete shit. It starts from bad and goes to nearly gouged out my eyes shit, and it's in those episodes that the nipple counter reaches it's all-time low and fucking ball dropping high.

But I'm not being fair. It returns to plots at the last episode, offering an unsatisfying sequel hook of an ending, some last minute character returns, shafting, Joshua, Son of Hermes, some hardcore tittage, nipples and the glory of it finally being over. That moment, of this shit being at the end, was so fucking glorious.

Best of all, the plots offer up tengu masks in the filler, or those masks with the boner noses. It was real awkward when the loli had one.

I will give it points for Sasha getting 20% of the school. 20%! That's how much this shit improved.

Animation: Unsurprisingly, the animation is fucking gold. Them nipples and the sizes of the breasts are more varied this time around. From pettanko and fucking huge, this has both sides of the spectrum and nothing inbetween. No need for modesty here folks, that requires class.

All glistening and oiled up, them bitches keep 'em nice and fresh for the Qwasars who go to town on them, excluding one named female. Maybe. Unlikely. The show takes it up to eleven and surpasses the sexual deviency of the first by trespassing into fetishes that aren't seen on normal, censored shows that bounce on the line between ecchi and outright hentai. Kinda creepy? Yes, but it's Tits the Anime.

It also censors the crotch area, but that's a given. I mean, it's blank when it's shown, but then again, that EP makes it extremely uncomfortable. And I mean uncomfortable. If it weren't for that cool black silouette part that has the worst animation in comparison to the glistening butter of the cleavage, I might have had to dock a point. But as it stands, this is the best part of this tit fest.

Sound: Nothing beats the first season's first EP, but the OP and EP were what helped to keep me sane and myself while watching this shit. The EP especially, as it signaled that the episode was over. Some tracks from the first season make their return and the VOs do their pleasured moans, groans, squeals and what not well enough.

Characters: Oh good lord... holy fuck this was fucking bad. You feel nothing for these characters. The villain even had a backstory and with the way he was acting, you couldn't even feel any sympathy for the generic tale. The girls are the same as always, if not worse, except for one who did a complete twist from what I thought she was and fucking ruined it. Sometimes they act completely fuck balls dumb and other times, can't make up their mind and bounce around like a set of large tits.

A few other backstories are given though, which is a plus and for once, one girl felt horribly violated at Sasha's rape! She went on for it for a episode or two! That's unfounded! His technique is so good that they usually just get extreme pleasure from it. That, is fucking character development. A pity it doesn't mean much in the grand scheme of things.

Long story short, you aren't here for deep characters, you're here for them tits.

Overall: Gawd, if this was as long as the first, this would have more titties than all the nipples of the titty anime aired that year combined. Fucking outrageous. But titties don't make for a good plot, characters or moral decency. It digs deeper into the barrel without offering anything substantial in return apart from boobs. If you enjoyed the first season as the depraved pervert you are, by all means watch this one. It's not required to watch the first though.

1/10 story
10/10 animation
6/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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deideiblueeyez Jul 10, 2012

Wow! A vulgar review for a vulgar anime.

Seriously, even I thought that there was too many breasts in this installment of Seikon no Qwaser. Like seriously. I'm reading the manga and it's kind of shitty. Seriously, the text for the attacks go untranslated, because to do that would mean to erase half of the page and thereby ruin it...

Nice review. I didn't actually hate it that much, and the animation and colors really are spectacular, but I thought by halfway through something was seriously wrong. I thought it was stepping TOO close to hentai territory, and it wasn't comfortable for me, since if I wanted to watch hentai, I would've googled for it -_-