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Seikon no Qwaser Picture Drama

13 MAY

I'll get straight to the point. If you haven't watched Seikon no Nipples, get out of here. If you have, you're a perverted dumbass. This Picture Drama is just like the original, only without bouncing. The titties only apply to the non-Katja-Sama parts, which is half of them and prevents it from going into lolicon territory. Mostly. I mean, the impication is there, but no nudity on Katja's part. Just... gets kinda awkward at times. And makes me feel dirty. From the dog to milk all over, and the sweat, or what appears to be sweat, it's filthy, and not in the good way.

The lack of bounce brings down the score loads only to be brought back up by the extremely questionable imagery and bullshit shinnanegans. I lost count how on many times I suffered head trauma while I watched this crap but in the end, if you sat through Seikon no Titties, you might as well lap up the rest of the milk and watch this farce.

I did give it a point for using the term "Ass-Play", as it conjures up images of the fabulous Sun God Papi.

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  • Story N/A
  • Animation 8/10
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  • Overall 2/10


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