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Recorder to Randoseru

19 APR

I was expecting a 22 minute/episode series about slice-of-life hijinks and everyday stuff, but I got 3 minute shorts and squandered potential. It would have been better as a 22 minute, 13 episode series with more depth and plot. At first it left me disappointed, but after I got over it, I went back and enjoyed it for what it was: a brief short series on the comedic misunderstandings of the two mains. As the episodic events revolve around their heights, it's natural that the jokes would revolve around that in turn. It's decent enough for a giggle or even a laugh here or there; there's just enough continuity that it almost feels a bit like there's some progression going on and while it may get repetitive, it has it's charm. It's nothing brilliant but it's decent enough to warrant 40 minutes of your time.

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