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Kira's completely episodic, and completely questionable. The first one's about fanservice for all and old men (And Keiichi) getting all hot and bothered about the girls (All of them. Including lolis). Awkward. Second one is... probably unimportant. Third is about some crazy love rectangle of sorts that had loads of potential and the final one is about moe. I mean moe time travel.

That's the brief and it's senseless and pointless. It's hardly an arc of the original series or as good but it retains most aspects of the first part of it, before things go down the crapper. There isn't much to the plot to begin with but you aren't here for that, as nobody goes bat-shit crazy. With that said, mega bonus points for the last episode; you can excuse the plot for Nipaaa~ as it's SO FRIGGING CUTE. That alone brings up the score.


If there's one thing going for this, it's the animation. It's a step above from the normal series and it looks great. The scenery at times is equivalent to scenery porn; not top notch but yummy.


I can't stand the OP. Can't stand it. Bled my ears everytime, but the jazzy beats are nice. VO is just like before.


It's crap, but it's four episodes in half-hour segments, making it two hours of questionable crap. Can't say I enjoyed it but neither did I outright hate it. It's not that good, but if you don't mind fanservice of all kinds, some mind-melting adorability in the last episode and a feeling of being letdown, go right ahead.

5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
?/10 characters
5/10 overall

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