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Jan 25, 2012

Story: Fun fact: 7/13 characters in the OP are busty, 2/13 are guys.

A brief synopsis on the plot (As it's not up yet): A school with 2/3 of the population having large boobs, 1/3 having decent sized boobs and Himegami is turned into a co-ed school. This lucky bastard/nice guy Takeru goes there and meets up with his childhood friend, big breasted VP. He soon meets up with another big breasted girl who made some sort of childhood promise-of course it's marrage, all of them are in harems. No spoiler's here.

Oh, and there's these Maken things, Takeru doesn't really have one to start with but he gets one later on, obviously. And a legend of some nine-tailed fox snake dragon but that isn't really important. Maken-Ki forsakes plot for fan-service, and if that isn't enough to convince you, the second episode will enscript it in concrete and stone. It's not particularly good, the tale it tells, but you aren't here for that. You're here for boobs, panty shots, fan-service, accidental perversion moments, bouncing, titties (Those are censored), boobs and the fights, which are quite good, all things considering, when they show up.

We get some plot later on but it's horribly inconsistent at times, often going into some wacked out fan-service episode and then returning to it later on. And then there's the final two episodes with coincidences that are near facepalming and an ending that's so bad that it actually goes below expectations. Truly. But it does try, you have to give it points for that.

Not much else to say apart from it's a harem, it's an ecchi and it has a panty shot tag. Draw your own conclusions.

Animation: Nothing outstanding but it serves the ecchi well, from the obscenely hilarious bouncing of the enormous high school nurse to the rack of the principal and the infamous second episode; boobs. In large quantities and in large. The other factor, panty shots, are common and a respite from all the boobs for those who are a fan of those. Ass shots are there, not just panties.

Everything else? Some of the combat animations; OP with their Maken powers comes to mind and is quite cool and the fights look nice. But the bouncing overall can get hilarious at times. And loved the red haired chick's kick to Takeru's mug in the EP, always makes me smile.

Sound: The EP's kinda catchy and the OP's quite nice but nothing I would put on my MP3 Player. No qualms about the VO but Himegami gets the award for being the best.

Characters: "Welcome to Whose Line Is It Anyway, the show where everything's made up and the points don't matter; that's right, the points are like depth in characters for a harem/ecchi boobfest."

Chances are you aren't here for deep characters, which is good, as the ones here aren't deep but a lot are busty. The depth we do get is limited to the cliche stuff and with the main love triangle; the childhood friends. Otherwise, Himegami is the most fun; being all snarky, A-cup angsty and that natural charisma, with her trio of fanboys. The others either have their quirks, or a nice set, or that one-shot machine thing for a great moment. Hardly anything positive can be said but they aren't annoying at least.

They do have their moments of complete stupidity that's so dumbfoundingly bad that it's head-to-desk worthy, and that's real bad in something like this. Astoundingly bad.

Overall: It's crap. Truly, honestly, ecchi filth with an emphasis on fan-service, bouncing and some really bad moments; which is to say I enjoyed it. It's got boobs, panty shots, some good fights here and there, Himegami and nothing else. The end score doesn't mean that it's worth a watch; this is best left for those ecchi fans who don't mind a whole lot of boobage in their plot. All you others, you have better things to be watching.

4/10 story
7.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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