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Story: Baka to Test was never big on plot, and the second season is no different. Starting off with a pair of beach episodes and a festival, then moving to an onsen that begins to feature some of the Shoukanjuu, and finally moving back to the school setting for... stuff. Do I care that the plot isn't particularly good or memorable? Hell no! I just care about the comedy and events that lead up to comedy irregardless of actual plot or depth and it delivers the comedy from the first season in spades, mileage may vary.

The same jokes get reused here and I still found them enjoyable. It's easy to see how others can find it repetitive though. If it appeared in the first season, it's liable to appear here.

Also of mention is how romance plays a larger factor. Primarily Yoshii, Minami and Mizuki, (Excluding any others except for the last episode, that was fun) is a step in another direction that replaces comedy for drama. Can't say it's my favorite part but before, if it was a bit of romance, it would be played for laughs. It's more about the comedy than romance in the end but it really shows up when the peeping tom arc is over and takes a bigger presence overall.

Animation: Looks great, everything from Hideyoshi to those penciled scenes between Yoshii and Yuji, it's more of the same and while it didn't get much better, it didn't get any worse. Props for it keeping the same pleasant style.

Sound: I wasn't floored by the music but there was one ending about eating rice in the bathroom and curry in another stall, all in the lyrics. Absurd but oddly enjoyable. The voices make up for it and the deadpan narrator always gets me smiling.

Characters: You aren't watching this for deep characters and they're pretty much the same as before, except for some backstory episodes that sometimes takes away comedy for drama seriousness. Once again, I could care less if they're deep, dramatic, tragic heroes and heroines; they're there for comedy and laughter, even if some may be one-trick ponies, I love them all the same.

Overall: I had lofty expectations of it being funny (Just funny), and it met that. It's hardly deep and one shouldn't expect much from it but more of the same comedy, despite the more heavy romance aspect from it. It being so much like the first season is both good and bad but for those who don't mind some old jokes, it'll be a blast.

5/10 story
8/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
7/10 characters
8/10 overall
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