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Popee the Performer

Aug 24, 2011

First off, a shout out to the group I did this with, I couldn't have made it through without y'all! And to LinkSword, who brought us into this mess.

Story: At first, two freaks at a carnival (Circus) nobody goes to. They never had customers or visitors because of a psycho bunny and a dog who never reveals his face. Apart from the shit premise, it's episodic. But that doesn't mean each stand-alone episode is good or can neglect story for laughs. Or whatever episodic anime does, this does it bad. Rats gnawing on your nuts bad. You will lose braincells at the macabre, morbid and sadism that runs rampant in this shitfest. From ass bullets to ass frogs and shoving straws up frog ass to some loser circus (Carnival) games that involve knives, chainsaws and guns: It makes no sense and it's widely unfunny. I could have given it points for humor but I can't. Only for the bloody tears I shed and my suicidal brain cells.

Animation: It looks like shit. Blocky, chunky, ugly, primitive and cropping everywhere (Like how an arm can stick through shorts). This isn't to neglect how damn scary that freak rabbit is. That face scares grown men and women, and he throws bombs that have poorly animated explosions and abysmal fire effects. This shouldn't get a 2 but Poope is so damn scary that it gains a point.

Sound: Oh god. My ears wouldn't stop bleeding at the music. It repeats over and over and over and over and over and nearly every single episode with the singing and it's not even bad. It's shit and complete garbage. The only time there's VO is in the last episode and even that repeats. The same phrase. For over a dozen times. IT'S FOUR MINUTES AN EPISODE. God. And the sound effects: Shit. If glass breaks, it goes for all glass. It's pretty much one effect for all events that need that effect.

Characters: Chances are you saw the anime entry for this shit. I kid you not, that's what Peepo looks like on more than 15 occasions. That bastard is worse than the Moon from Funny Pets and the Moon's one of the creepiest bastards around. Terrifying. Absolutely, brown pants terrifying. Nearly shit my pants when he showed up like that.

But I'm neglecting the gay sun guy, who had some of the most creepiest moments ever in this anime. With the milk bottles. I'm scared to sleep. He was alright at the start but he got so fruity that it got past creepy and then he went over the edge.... makes me shudder. Then we have Mask-Wolf, who is decent. None to bright, as he's still here and he's more often than not a victim for Peppo's sadistic games. One can pity him except for the fact he sometimes joins in too.

Best character is the Elephant Car. That boy was gangsta. The frog was there to get molested and they are racist against the alien. Smacking him around.... racist pigs.

Overall: Shit. Absolute, Grade A Prime cut shit. This is the royalty of shit, the monarchy of the- yeah, I'm over-doing it. But it's true. If you ever, ever EVER want to watch this, do it with a friend, or a group of friends. Never watch this alone as it would be a pain to clean up the mess you make.

0.5/10 story
2/10 animation
0.5/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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Kokoro911 Sep 11, 2011

I must be disturbed because I found this anime thoroughly entertaining.

I have to agree with your review though, because entertaining or not, it really isn't that good at all.

sothis Aug 26, 2011

i think i may try to write a site review for the series - if i do, it's totally getting an overall 10 (with shitty individual scores) due to how outrageously entertaining it is XD

MugiwaraMarius Aug 25, 2011

I'm impressed that you could think coherently enough to write a cogent review. Kudos! Any yeah we need to find something else to watch after this. I'll second Ga-Ra-whatever the fuck. I'm afraid nothing is going to ever surpass the insanity of Poopy though.

LinkSword Aug 25, 2011

Let's see what Poopy thinks of this review.

... Can't tell if he's mad, happy, amused or simply braindead.

But were I to guess I'd say this is a case of ''BWAHAHAHAH I CAN'T EVEN READ YOU SUCKERS''.


Nice review! And most hilarious buddy group ever. =) We need to find another terribad show to watch all together after we've got past our respective brain cancer surgeries... I'm thinking Ga-Ra-Ku-Ta. Yes, same guy behind it. *mindfarts*