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Funny Pets

Disclaimer: Swearing aplenty but completely warranted for the Moon alone. And I've learned that the harlot's name is Funny. Yeah.... She's still a ho.

Story: At the start of every god-forsaken episode, the Sun and Moon crash land on some planet and move in with a whore. It's shown after a creepy full moon opens it's mouth and spaceships pour out. The Moon, probably the driver is most-likely high or drunk or both and gets them both stranded. Basically it's nonsense, hardly important.

Apart from that, you have wacky adventures of the trio doing stupid crap, with the Sun and Whore doing some shit and the Moon wanting in but can't because he's a creepy fuck. Otherwise, he's doing all the work or getting some pain for his malicious intentions and because of what he is. It's god-awful crap most of the time and a complete acid trip once or twice. The Rainbow episode (7), that was some faulty crack.

To be fair, it's morbid, vaguely sexual crap. This isn't meant for children, not just the serial murderer Moon or the whore who had the bottle one time. There's completely warranted death, abuse, violence, murder, willful murder, arson, thievery, something about ripping into the flesh of a baby thing, the Moon, polluting the world without burying the dead, spontaneous combustion and some deeply twisted attempts at humor.

Have to give it a one for the rainbow and the Moon getting roasted by his own arson work. He had it coming. And where he dies 20 seconds in; best intro in the series but got creepier.

Animation: It looks like shit. ReBoot in it's first season pulls CGI better and it was made in the 90s and the first fully CGI show. It's not just that everything looks like shit, but the wacked out physics. Arrows, the UFO bouncing around like a tennis ball, everything. This was made on a budget on the cheap, they probably didn't even pay the animators anything more than a can of peanuts.

Another one for the rainbow, which turns out to be even trippier than I expected.

Sound: Good god.... getting this out of the way, the voices. Nobody can even pronounce the simpliest of words and just get by with grunts, giggles, looks of pity, some kind of horndog laugh or playboy laugh; it's just awful. And the music is noticable for being utter shit. The OP, the EP, everything. Nothing redeemable here.

Characters: The Moon, first off, is one of the creepiest bastards I've ever seen in my life. The guy always has a psychotic look and looks like he wants to kill someone or get into the ho's pants corset. With his laser gun he shoots at will, nothing is safe from his homicidal tendancies and violence. He is also mentally deficient but the smartest of the trio. Don't look directly at him.

Then we have the Sun, who is as dumb as they come with a black hole in his mouth. Also cries a lot and a fortunate victim of the Moon and his crimes. He had it coming. Third and certainly least in the brain compartment is the whore, who dresses in a corset every day and who could give less than a crap about the Moon (Her one... non-shortfall). It's borderline obscene how much she appears to hate the bastard or not care about him but it's completely warranted.

Have to give some props to the gophers, who don't take crap from the Moon and are the best of the bunch, with the manly dad in the Three Matches episode. The only reason it's a one and not lower is because they made the Moon the creepiest fuck alive. Sothis is right on the nose with that creep.

Overall: I have to compare it to my next hated anime and think, "Is this shit worse than that shit"? The short answer is yes and I can't demean that shit by putting this shit on the same level. And because I can't mention it enough: That moon is one creepy motherfucker.

1/10 story
1/10 animation
0.5/10 sound
1/10 characters
0.5/10 overall

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ShionSonozaki says...

I don't know why but I'm getting this weird vibe that you don't like the moon that much XD jk jk. Really great review, you basically said everything I wanted to.

Mar 31, 2012
SadisticTendencies says...

Is the girl really a whore, or did you just want to call her that because of your hate for the Anime? I'm asking because it's tagged as "family friendly". There's no way that I'll ever see this after both you and Sothis giving it a 0.5 score. Thanks for the review^^

Aug 23, 2011