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Story: I thought this was Hell Bomber, or Harem Bomber. Harlem- whatever. Not Evil Town, which is what the location is called and not just the OVA. It's stupid indeed but it's quite accurate. The synopsis gives a surprisingly lengthy description of the anime but to sum it up: Violence Jack is freed, protects group C and kills a lot of people. That's about it apart from more violence and rape, but it's to be expected from something called Violence Jack 2: Evil Town. A subpar story is too good for this midnight showcase.

You shouldn't even expect anything shallow from the story. It would have been simple enough if not for the ending and climatic fight. That was some stupid messed up shit.

Animation: I thought it looked like it was from the 80's, and it is. The animation is from it's age and it shows. It's crap but it's 80's animation. And why did the start and ending go on for so long? Pointless and ate up another few minutes of showing wreckage and destruction. By the way, that last little tidbit has no effect on the score. Just wanted to mention it.

Sound: This shit was dubbed. It was so god-awful that it was just plain awful; the lack of emotion at times or half the time killed it even further and with the forgettable score. Don't know if there was an OP or EP so can't trash the score with that (If I can).

Characters: You have a character named Violence Jack, or who named himself Jack after his huge-ass switchblade. If a normal person were to wield it, it would simply be a big-ass sword. And that's all you need to know about him apart from he's the only decent human being- compared to the standards of Evil Town- that isn't female. The characters boil down to a few groups; innocent female, rapist, monster, monster rapist and scumbag and aren't as deep as Jack.

Gotta give props to a guy who names himself Violence Jack though.

Overall: Once again, it's called Violence Jack 2: Evil Town. I can't stress that enough as the title explicitly says "Violence against evil in an evil town! Evil town is violently murdered!", you can judge this anime by the title and you would hit the bullseye with what you come up with. You should have a tolerance for indecency, violence, blood, rape, violence and senseless violence. Don't forget to leave your brain with a babysitter.

2/10 story
4/10 animation
2/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall

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