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Ping Pong Club

Aug 9, 2011

Find Your Anime Buddy Presents: Ping Pong Club; A Tale of Horror, Some Ping Pong and Ass

Disclaimer: Shit is a common word used to describe things that come out of a thing's ass that isn't limited to ping pong balls. It's also used to describe just about anything in this wretched show of debauchery and senseless events. With man asses.

Story: I'll be frank. It's like someone took a shit and called it Shit, but the censors wouldn't allow a show called that so they instead called it Ping Pong Club. I had expectations for this, moderate, middle of the road but off to the crappy side; decent crude fun. It was a bit of that at first, but it kept on going. And going. And stopped only to dive in deeper in the pile of shit. If it were shorter, then I would have seen it in a dirty light instead but the length doesn't do it any kind of justice. The jokes you see at the start with asses, perversion, gay jokes and sexual deprevation will still be there in the end.

It's not just the repetitive jokes that I have a problem with, but the complete lack of karmic retribution for the shit that they do (The two stooges, Maeno and Izuma. Probably called Izuma). I'm sure it was intentional that the criminal things they do they get away with comes with marginal backlash but here it's obscene; this takes the cake and craps on it. From the obligatory doctor/medical examination episode to the occasional ping pong game/tourney schtick... dear god the examination... and after that, it's like nothing happens. Which brings up-

-Continuity. It's hit or miss as someone may get lucky with a women or a few harem's worth and not bring it up ever again. How one goes from a serial sexual harassment spree to a complete dumbass who remembers nothing of that time in the next episode is just plain stupid. Other times it's in effect, can't remember when apart from something about taking down the club, but I'm sure it's there. In it's defense, there isn't continuity with a segment about how much of a sexual devient you are, or how daring you are to molest a girl. That right there deserves a two. Can't call it episodic though.

There's also some romance to go along with the occasional ping pong after the big tourney arc is over, but it's unimportant. Nothing about this is.

And true fact: I watched an episode in Spanish and a fellow watcher said I didn't miss much and as pictures speak a thousand words... so painfully right.

Animation: It looks like shit and mentally scars viewers with wrinkly tits and crapping out balls. With a close-up. But it's not limited to a lack of art but also to the movement of things, the actual animation. It's bad overall but so glaringly abysmal at parts that I had to rewind against my will to see if my eyes weren't decieving me. They never did for this, the lousy bastards. But for your "enjoyment", you get boob shots and plenty of undetailed penis and ass shots. Man asses, hairy and smooth. See how you like the animation when a guy has the butt cheek power to break a pair of chopsticks by clenching.

Salty milk. Think about it.

Sound: Propeller. Just propeller. That god-awful song was so painful, mixed with Maeno's voice and while absurd, just harassed and tortured my ears. The Japanese version, but it's not like the dub is any better. So pick your poison, dub or sub, lose or lose. I didn't even know it had a dub until way later.

I'll admit that I never knew it had a second EP. The episodes I watched had the OP/EPs cut out and the OP I've only heard five times, 7 max. Can't remember the EP after the first listen at all.

Characters: What a repulsive bunch. But that's not being fair as the walrus was the best character on the show. And not so much repulsive for some but bland and simply gimmick driven. Pretty much uninteresting with the exception of Maeno, who deserves special mention for being a perverted rapist in training without being effected by karma much. With his partner in crime Izuma, both form a tag-team of gay jokes, some sick play of one being a guy and the other a girl and for Izuma, Ashita no Joe references.

I do have to give props for some of the minor characters, whose attitude and overall kindness was a shining spot of white on the shit stained.... it simply didn't fit. The difference was so glaring that my jaw dropped. It's not just the minors but some of the secondaries. At times it hurts my head thinking about it but this is a twisted world where girls have no taste.

The characters in general are completely shallow but you aren't expecting anything as deep as the belly in depth; this is near the ankles.

Overall: Those who enjoy this kind of sick depravity will get some enjoyment out of it. I don't mind perverted stuff now and then but this went beyond my limits and kept on prolonging itself. I may hate and rant on it, but this is a good anime for some, just not for me.

There wasn't as much Ping Pong as I expected.

2/10 story
1/10 animation
2/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall

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GekoHayate Jul 24, 2013

This started off so well, it was crude childish humor like Beavus and Butthead and Southpark had a twisted politically incorrect love child, with a mishappen miniture elephant dong.  Something I can respect.

Then the douchbaggery and outright scumbaggery were cranked up to 11.  How many child molesters can one school have?  AND WHERE IS THE KARMA?!?!?!?!

You have a way with shit Thrawn, you somehow managed to capture my feelings for this regurgitated dog-feces while weaving in a multitude of clever potty references.