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Yosuga no Sora

Jul 23, 2011

Story: Curse my unfortunate soul for expecting something like Amagami SS (Roughly the same format), but I didn't get my floating in a forest like in the OP, or much floating at all. That's a big problem right there as the OP decieved me. Pushing that minor problem aside, it felt that things were moving a bit too quickly and that I couldn't really get a heartfelt emotional feel about the relationships. I like my romance stuff to make me feel the love, to make me care. While I did feel notes of sadness and happiness here and there, it wasn't enough to make it a song of emotions.

When it says "explicit content", it's referring to Bitches Haru getting laid at the end of every arc. Mostly. But he gets some in each arc there is. It's not much of a problem, but it's like he wins them over so quickly, and that all five of the dames want his bones within the first 15 minutes. Power of the bishounen, but it's strange that they all like him off the bat, although it's forgiven somewhat as a few are childhood friends.

At first, I was a bit confused at the layout of the episodes at first, as it wasn't entirely linear. But after careful examination of the wikipedia entry of it, the first episode lays the groundwork for all the main episode arcs that follow it and that an episode at the start of a new arc may be the second for two females. It's actually kinda clever and unique in how it chooses this route instead of the standard four episodes for each gal, and then four more afterward. Clever, but initially confusing.

While the main story might not have won me over, the absurd, perverted lunacy of the omakes at the end of every episode certainly did. This is where the explicit content comes in full force, which makes every episode have the obligatory boob shot, complete with nipples. And it's another arc in disguise; a sex-filled sleazy arc of comedic hijinks with the saucy maid, so you're getting a bonus arc, you lucky dog.

Animation: This is where most of the budget went: to making gorgeous scenery, bouncing, gorgeous characters and CG fans. Not that I have a problem with 3/4, as it really looks quite good. The countryside with it's gorgeous greens and scenic lake behind the shrine, the blue of the obligatory beach episode's ocean (Or sea. Water) and the buildings in their living area that look so old-school and traditional.

The bouncing for the more well-endowed characters does get a bit absurd at times but it's to be expected from something like this. Only adds to the atmosphere. But have to give props to Sora's white dresses, which look gorgeous.

And those fans? So out of place.

Sound: The OP made my expectations higher than I wished in the first episode, when it got to it. It's just so beautiful, makes it feel laid-back and romantic. It's only fitting that the EP should do it justice and make a sandwich of delicious bread, but we get two for the price of one, both equally good with their different moods. It does make it more bearable, if only for a few more minutes.

Characters: For a romance, characters are the jelly to the tale's peanut butter. They're key to making you emotionally invested and that's what I seek. If this had good enough characters, then I could have excused the plot. Unfortunately... that wasn't so for me. Haru switches modes a few times, going from nice guy to shy and to Jerk McDouche once or twice. I don't mind his nice guy trait but the durastic shift in his personality for those one or two instances was kinda revolting, or unappealing.

Just because we get to know about the love-interests doesn't mean that it makes them better. It devolves to them being easy to tame in the three episodes they get (First is to set the foundations) and easy to get into their pants. It's the final flag, for him to truly become a macho man through the manly, chauvinistic standard. They just didn't appeal to me, simple as that.

Overall: I may not have liked it that much but I admit that I had fun. Fun in the "This is so ridiculous/Can't take this seriously" kind of way. Have to give it points for that. Can't say that I recommend this in the end as there are better romance anime to watch with this kind of style.

The omakes... damn I enjoyed those.

5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
4/10 characters
5/10 overall

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Tolle Mar 5, 2012

Actually, I kinda agree with him on some parts. I can relate to the interpretation of Haru and the general feel that he gets the pussy too easy. But honestly, if you just bend all the interpretation a little to the advantage of your stream of thought, it becomes quite enjoyable.

Also, the Ero-Game element was new to me and I kinda liked it. It did cause a bit of a revolt, but I got used to it and learned to view it as another way of doing romance. Many a time have I tried watching an anime that went for that linear, sincere romance feel and just didn't get the job done.So yeah, the characters where a bit superfluous, but in the end, I came to like the different arcs and the wincest-final.

Thrawn, good Sir - your point of view added to mine.

DavidWP Aug 27, 2011

This anime is just too good for you!