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Story: When I first read the premise of it, I didn't know what to expect and after the first episode, even less on what what would come next.  After watching the last episode, I don't know what to think of it. On one hand, it's a tale of a man and his scantily-clad asset (What he uses to fight in the District) kicking butt while using vast amounts of black cash and on the other hand, it's so much more with what's at stake in the Financial District. The risk behind it all and the effects of each battle add an extra dimension than mere battles of property damage. It's not entirely a predictable shounen monster-per-week thing with fights galore but it has enough fights and fancy moves to keep me hooked, which usually take a few minutes instead of half an episode. Mostly.

I can say that I enjoyed the beginning and conclusion but the middle... don't know. It feels like that it could have used a few more episodes but have to give it props for being about economics and throwing vast amounts of money around.


In the real world, it's what you would expect, except for that strange Midas money: Black, corrupted and totally out of place. The world's what it should be, and the real style and what brings it up is the Financial District, where the real trip happens. It's a total wack job at times and the first episode does a great job in displaying it in all it's glory. It's fun, colourful and oddball strange, where the real magic happens.

Admittedly, some of the CGI parts looked noticably out of place, or just completely odd. It's used well at times but kinda nit-picky on some bits of it.


While it's primarily Japanese, a few parts are in English with mixed results. It ranges from decent to cringe-worthy bad and I know that it's a minor thing but I can't help but notice it. Otherwise, nothing special apart from a few select pieces.


I could remember three character's names from this; Masakaki, Q and Gankutsuou, or Rich McMoney Bags. Two, really. It's not the anime's fault but for what it's worth, Gankutsuou had a pretty good backstory and is one of my favorites in the series. There's also the gold-teeth info dealer, who has a full set of golden pearlies. That is awesome. Really enjoyed the side characters more than the mains, in particular Masakaki along with Mr. Money. The guy's a Mad Hatter in disguise of a trip magistrate in his world of money. Brightened every scene he was in.

Overall: I had fun and enjoyed myself. It's one that can be marathoned and it's worth a shot for those who don't mind a little economics in their trippy anime.

Gankutsuou is so rich, he holds up Japan's debts. Seriously.

7.5/10 story
8.5/10 animation
7/10 sound
7.5/10 characters
8/10 overall
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roriconfan Apr 22, 2012

This show was one big mess. Very disappointing.