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Cat Soup

May 26, 2011

Cat Soup can be summed up as "What the *%@$". The art is odd-ball and bizzaro, there's no dialogue, no script, hardly any developed characters (Strange ones at that) and that's not even touching the "plot".

The point of Cat Soup isn't about the plot but the journey; the places you will go and the people you'll meet, as messed up and crazy as they are. There's the elephant made of water, the pig that is cruelly taken apart (It gets worse), the man with the mask and spiked speedo and everything else. To mention it all would ruin the surprise and those are just the screenshots. I don't know what to rate the story and as such, leaving it be.

The animation is simple, strange, odd, brutal and it suits it perfectly. There's nothing spectacular in a technical standpoint but artistically, it's great. Half of the fun is in the events, the other half is in the presentation of said events. It doesn't delve into complete abstract dope-trip visuals that look messy and confusing but it has restraint.

No dialogue, no voices and that's perfect. At first I didn't entirely like it but it brings about it's own charm. It grew on me and I learned to enjoy the silence of the cats and whatever beings they meet along the way. The music is subtle and doesn't get in the way but it has a presence due to it being some of the only sound at times.

Characters? What characters? There's a cat, his big sister and whatever beasts and things that inhabit their messed up world. Who needs depth when you have a water elephant?

Quite simply, you have to watch this. It's odd, funny, strange, disturbing; all sorts of stuff. It's genius and madness; insanity and brilliance and at the end, I don't even know what I watched. It's Cat Soup. Drink it up and come along for the ride. Just, don't be influenced when you do though.

Kinda hard to score it... but well worth it.

?/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
5/10 characters
8.5/10 overall

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