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You're watching this because you watched Highschool of the Dead and want something else by that name. You know that HotD is senseless, shameless fanservice with jiggling, bouncing and large, ginormous, back-breaking boobs. And, you know, zombies with violence. With boobs. And you, the reader, know that since it's an OVA, it lacks anything sensible or redeeming. But it has all of the above, minus the violence. Unless you count some sexual harassment to a broom violence.

The plot is that they're on an island (Points for it being explained right off the bat) and it's home to a beach house with swimsuits; bikini's, nut huggers (Or speedos), sun dresses (For the boobless loli) and a school regulated swimsuit. You know the one. The plot gets deeper when the good doggie Zeke finds some dope and they all get high. Big time points for that as everybody gets stoned and sexy time occurs, which gives it a reason to show some girl-on-girl action and "Bitches" Takashi getting some sexy time with the ladies. I suppose it wouldn't be cool to show a youngster getting doped up so Alice is missing after going to get some water in the night, when there is either sea water or the bottled water in the beach house. But you know, who cares about plot in a OVA about boobs?

Animation is as good as ever, with everything glistening like butter and everybody who has skin to show is all oiled up. Some fanservice for the ladies, loads more for the guys and a reason for everybody to claw their eyes out. Fat people and school regulated swimsuits DO NOT MIX. Have fun. And there's some zombies, apart from the whole backstory/recap in the first minute or two. Zombie boobs.

And props for the OP, where they drive and the background is some trippy colours. Loved that bit. And for all I know, the EP stayed the same music wise. Music is good and points for a voice going "Oooh yeaah!" at the bath scene.

It's an OVA for an anime that emphasized boobs, then bouncing and then zombies with more bouncing. Deep characters indeed. It got a three because of Zeke.

This is a load of crap but you already know that. It's on a beach, there are swimsuits, there are women with huge boobs and nothing sensible in sight. All six barrels of the revolver are loaded with fanservice. You don't mind losing a couple of brain cells, right? So come for the boobs, stay for the boobs.

3/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall

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darczon69 Aug 19, 2011

Funny review :)

ShikiDriki Jul 5, 2011

A well done review, was quite funny :D But I think this OVA deserves a bit more due to being quite funny :P Though I totally agree with the silly boob thing ><

CarboKill Jun 27, 2011

This was freaking hilarious. Seriously, I lol'd so much. Awesome review brah xD