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For all the unanswered questions you get by the time you finish the first season, you wonder if the second will answer them all. The answer is no, but would there have been enough time to? In it's defense, it answers quite a bit while providing backstory and motive, as well as what's behind it all. It answers the main question and a few others while providing it's own and answering them in turn. It is Higurashi, so more questions are to be expected.

The arcs still retain most of the comedic moments (Still hit or miss) of the first season but lack the blood and violence we've seen before. Not to say that it's completely devoid of violence and blood as there is some, but it doesn't have the same... feel of violence. The first season's violent moments I can unfortunately remember but not much for this season. There's a difference but then again, it could be that the initial acts of violence were just that; first.

What's really important is the answers. You're watching the second season to know the facts behind the whole multiple time-line thing. Different arcs with different elements, all in the same area. To know who or what is behind all this and if it's resolved. For better or worse, it's resolved but- Oh, spoiler territory. Quite simply, the space between the second-to-last arc and the last arc itself is questionable. If I remember from a few days ago, it can get cheesy or corny and can very indeed make you like it or hate it.

The animation is better, I'll give it that and there is a bit more usage of chibi this time around. Sometimes it's used when everything else looks normal and the difference is quite astounding. But some visual quirks and remarks about it do make for some fine comedic moments. Swirly eyes.... the characters still generally look the same and dress the same and this time around, the voices do match the expressions more than before, which was a glaring flaw in the first season; where some moments were ruined by the voices not having enough emotion or "umph" behind them.

Even without all the chibi, you have the cute, adorable moments that make you want to hug your monitor or tv and a few "Nippas". Gotta appreciate how it can keep that in while everything gets shot to hell.

With the point above that snippit, the VO are the same but better in that sense. There's certainly more emotion and a certain something else that I wouldn't go into, but deals with voices. Can't ruin that bit. The OP is just as good and still a highlight and this time around I found myself loving the EP. I prefer this one over the last one and as usual, there's some meaning behind the lyrics.

We've learned about the characters before and what we learn now is stuff integral to the story. In particular the last arc, which as long as it was, surprised me. It's not just development but it expands on the whole picture; makes things more clear and as per the norm, answers questions. The characters more or less act as they usually do but this time around have some moments that go beyond that of insanity, stupidity or comedy, that of brilliance and genius; sheer, absolute genius. It's part of the plot and helps to move the important stuff along but it's those certain moments that really make the character who mentioned or did it shine. And it's present quite a few times memorably in the last arc.

By this point I've pretty much neglected giving out specifics on the arcs themselves or even what the arcs may contain (Be it an answer arc or a question arc) but that isn't my place to say. At most I can say is that it provides a conclusion that would make some happy and some angry. It's not a cop-out persay, but it's definitely a like/hate it thing. In the end, I am glad I watched Kai and while I may not like everything about it, it provides a conclusion I've been waiting for. The score is not only based on it alone but as a conclusion to the series.

7.5/10 story
7/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.6/10 overall
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flaze Sep 5, 2012

I think the only questions that was unanswered was why the note Keiichi wrote had a portion missing. Everything else was answered.

thereviewer58 Jun 21, 2011

not ot be mean but they do answer all the questions