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The first three minutes will determine if you will like this series or not. Not only does the main character get hit by a truck, but just before, he breaks the fourth wall by turning to the viewer and saying; "Oh, I'm a Zombie." He then proceeds to hit a few trees, losing his clothing and continues flying. It's that messed up.

Breaking it down, it's a twisted abomination made up of black comedy, excessive amounts of blood, cuteness, serious moments and absurdity. And that's not even including the innards; or genres. It's a mish-mash hellspawn of nearly everything under the sun and sometimes twists the genres into it's own perverted offspring. There's so much of everything in it that it shouldn't even work but it does for the most part. I mean, just look at the picture for the anime in the database. It perverts the magical-girl genre and turns it into something hilarious, disturbing and wickedly awesome. With a chainsaw. That right there is brilliance. This show would win the Best Concept of the Year award with that kind of stuff.

The concepts are nothing short of brilliant. From the aforementioned chainsaw-wielding (That one's not aforementioned) magical girls to ninja vampires to dogs in trenchcoats and cute, armored necromancers; I'm still in wonder at how it came up with this stuff. It's crazy, off-beat, deranged and twisted. The overall plot isn't as off-beat but it moves the craziness along. It's there to not only introduce more characters to live under Ayumu's roof*, but to bring the funny along with it. When it's funny is when it's at it's best. Switching to regular comedy to perverted comedy and black and anywhere inbetween, it's at the top of it's game. It's primarily a comedy and even breaks up a few of the serious moments with it. Even late in the game it does that, but it worked for me, as disturbing as it was.

* This could have easily been a harem, but it isn't. Have to give it props for avoiding that route.

But when it isn't trying to be funny, it's taking the serious route plot-wise. Here it's somewhat more predictable and you can find yourself guessing what'll happen next. But with it comes fights and fights bring about blood. Gallons and a half of it. When someone gets cut, it doesn't shy away from it. When someone loses their legs, it's bloody. It uses just enough without overdoing it.

The series is surprisingly short and hopefully there'll be an OVA to tie up the last loose strands of this 11 episode series**. Ending wise, I'm content. Not completely satisfied, with a nagging question or two, but it could have been worse. Still, never expected for it to end so quickly.

**Episode 12 is purely fan-service filler and mindless crap. Crap in the good sense where it doesn't give a damn about plot and brings you to the obligatory pool. Bonus points for it not being in the middle. And this covers what could have been the fan-service OVA.

This show looked good, really good. It seemed so glitzed up, so polished and stylish; so different. It could be that I watched stuff that's way inferior to this in visual quality as of late but it looked good. What I liked most of all was the eyes. They look so... pretty (For the lack of a better word). That and the hair, both work well together. Overall, loved the look of it.

I wouldn't be able to remember the OP or EP but they were good. The EP more so and the animation that went with it suited it quite well; how they played off each other and were in tune or insync. The sound matched the animation somewhat is what I'm trying to say. And what was nice was the VO's for Yuu; different in every episode.

You have an armored necromancer, capable of powerful magicks with mere words; a genius masou-shoujo with a chainsaw and a zombie capable of repairing himself. All in the first episode. We get to know enough of them as the tale progresses, enough as in it's not primarily based on their backgrounds, but enough plot-wise and to sake our curiosity somewhat. They all have their unique traits but it's how they interact that really makes them shine. From Seraphin's constant insults to Ayumu with a straight face to Yuu's adorable stoic nature, if they didn't have any chemistry together, then this would have sunk.

When I look back on this series, I'll remember how much fun I had. From the violent battles to the black comedy and everything inbetween, to Seraphim calling Ayumu a piece of shit and the adorable tsundere. What would determine your enjoyment of this series is your tolerance for blood, black humor, twisted concepts and the insanity of what's going on. It has it's serious moments but it's first and foremost a comedy.

***The final score is affected by the unseen enjoyment factor and story is boosted by dialogue/writing. Thought I should mention that right at the end.

8.5/10 story
9/10 animation
7.5/10 sound
8/10 characters
8.6/10 overall

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