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The Legend of the Legendary Heroes. Doesn't really grab you, does it? That's the last time I judge an anime by the title, until the next time I do and I forget to not judge it. But when I looked past it, I saw a Comedy/Semi-political/Fantasy-Action series multi-hybrid. Kinda reminds me of Code Geass, but without the cheese and mechs. With it's fingers in a multitude of genre jars, it makes itself a fine sandwich, if you don't look too closely at what the sandwich's made of. I sure didn't, and I had a blast.

It bounces from light-hearted comedy to a darker violent action series and it continues on like that through it's run. It's violent, plenty of blood when it gets going and the body count rises but tasteful enough to not show brains splattered all over and heavy, insane gore shots. I liked how it wasn't firmly on one side of the fence, instead occupying both sides. And for a lot of the events that happen, the political jar comes to play. It's not incredibly deep, but just enough to not be completely shallow. It's a nice mix between the other two genres and can be fun sometimes, even though it's mostly serious.

Also, since it's a mix, it's not into the deep end of any spectrum. It's not the best at any of the genres at what it does, but it does it well enough. And the comedy does repeat itself, but since I'm a fan of it and would laugh at just about anything, I got quite a bit of enjoyment out of it. Others may find it tedious and repetitive though.

The characters I enjoyed quite a bit, especially how the main trio bounce off each other and provide most of the comedy. They all have something that defines them; a key characteristic per-say: Afternoon Naps Man, Lady of the Dango, Workaholic, Fiery Red etc. It may seem generic and one-dimensional when I put it like that, but it gets better. We get to know a lot of them and the backstories of the ones we do get to know play a role in the overall picture.

The outfits and clothing for the characters grabbed my attention, as a lot of the time it seemed to emphasize style over functionality. But style is what's important. And capes. Otherwise, really enjoyed the look of it; had a higher-end appearance (Or something that I'm not used to in my series-based anime) that really appealed to me overall.

The second OP I remember; felt more grand and larger-than-life than the first. But the others and the EP are still good, just not as. The VO's as usual I enjoyed and in particular Ryner's. Not enough cheese in this role than in a prior one.

One last time, I didn't look too deep into it. I didn't pry open past the first few layers of the onion of LoLHeroes (Thanks to a certain someone, I'll always remember it like that :P) so I didn't really have a problem with the bouncing back and forth between all the genres. And can't wait for the second season; an ending like this reminds me of an already mentioned anime's ending, of it's first season no less. Still good on that part though.

8.5/10 story
9/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
8.5/10 characters
8.6/10 overall
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Unclelucas Sep 18, 2012

Nice review, I'm planning on giving this anime a shot after reading it. I really liked the metaphor you used to describe the anime... Like making a sandwhich with a different finger dipped in genre jars.