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Walkure Romanze

Jan 17, 2014

Catching Up With Fall MM

Story: Plot in a real ecchi is like plot in a porno: It's nice to have but not what you're here for. Obviously this applies for Walkure Romanze as well as the fact that it's ecchi jousting which goes further to say that any and all plot is completely irrelevant in the face of ecchi jousting, complete with sexy gear, jousting, hot girls jousting, more jousting and holy fucking shit it's a fucking jousting anime. When was the last time you saw a jousting anime that looked this hot? Not enough is what, this caters to a niche genre while catering to the perverted masses. It's all about ecchi jousting folks, nothing else truly matters.

Unfortunately, it decides to focus too much attention on non-jousting with either filler antics, character stuff, fanservice culminating in a delicious windmill episode which although fillery, was total boners for all the right reasons (Reasons withheld but you can figure out who one of the characters was (Further hint, the best of them all and the sexiest of them all)), something about pulling an Onyx and I just lost my place.

I guess the actual plot is about a jousting school, or a school for knights or something. I know it's ecchi and a damn fine piece of A, but who am I kidding. The plot that is there is crap. The overarching plot is about Mio, that short-haired hotness with the rack is joining up the Order of the Sexy Knights because she enjoyed jousting once and then it's just... stuff. They do devote a lot of time to characters, which is a plus and fills up the episode time so I can't fault it there for killing time by doing something that gives the illusion of trying to do something semi-productive instead of titty fillers. If it was Pres in the boob fillers then it would have been alright.

The jousting picks up in the last few episodes because shows about competition dictate that the last to last few episodes have a climatic fight or five, depending on the sport at hand. This pretty much spans the last two or three at least in it's jousting glory, providing some snazzy fights with dat animation, some very excellent spiritual combat, excellent meaning boners because all that hotness, which does not and I stress the do fucking not, make up for the ass crackery plot shits because oh my fucking god as fucking retarded as it was, it was also the most hilarious shit I've ever seen in the show up to that point. It was seriously funny in how bad it was.

Sure aren't here for the story telling. Just watch it for the jousting.

Animation: Pres. I should give the animation 8 for her alone because she's the hotness of the show. The CGI- I mean jousting, sometimes feels out of place and some scenes could be better animated but as a whole, found it pleasing to look at. Could have used more boobs though.

Sound: Once again, I have no right to comment on sound.

Characters: You know when I said that you're watching this for the jousting? Well, that was the truth. You're watching it for the jousting because you sure as hell ain't watching it for the characters. Remember up there when I said stuff about characters, episodes, filler and quite possibly boobs? The illusion of doing productive shit instead of senseless, boobage fanservice episodes? That productive shit is still kinda shit. Granted there is depth in some places, with characters actually getting backstories instead of just being giant boobs or small boobs, chances are you'll still only care for one or two (Like me, I care about President Hotness and Akane, the swordfighter who loves the Pres, a love I wholeheartedly support) and care nada about the rest.

So the MC, who isn't a raging horndog who goes after them women, is a surprisingly decent fellow, mellow to a fault and tries to not get caught up in perverted situations which, surprisingly enough, occur enough times to make him seem like a sexual pervert. His lapses in judgement involving a statue is baffling but totally logical in a way is nothing short of... well, stupid, but he really could be a whole lot worse. He could be a Kei Douchono or dare I say, Ito Makoto. God they were a bunch of dicks.

I'll leave everybody else to be but give out a shoutout to James, who is one of the best secondaries, and President again, who is the best by far. Presidents usually are.

Overall: Because I watched this in close proximity to "Wanna Be the Strongest in the World" and "Diabolik Douchefucks", this appears better than it actually is. It's flawed many ways: Plots, character depth, the animation for jousting battles, questional components or lack thereof in fanservice, a glaring lack of a beach episode with the amount of gazongas on display and generally stuff that isn't jousting.

Points in it's favor: Jousting, you don't get much jousting shows so you need to get them when you can. The concept is sound and dang son, jousting. That's worth a few episodes alone.

2.5/10 story
7/10 animation
?/10 sound
3/10 characters
3.5/10 overall

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