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Infinite Stratos 2

Story: Initially, this was five stars. That was the first episode, which was the best episode of the series bar none. By series I mean the entire shebang, first and second season because it was 70% Charlotte/Laura and promoted some delicious, scrumptious, shipping. And it was pretty much the two of them on a date of sorts, with dressing up, maid costumes and some of the most delicious crepes ever. It was the best first episode of a second season ever for those two alone.

Then the rest of the series happened.

Plot isn't high on the list of things IS does well but it's what you'd expect: Alternating between plots and harem antics, the former dealing with mecha suits that accentuate the butt and breasts (To a lesser extent on the latter) and some outside malefactor that's bent on fucking shit up that in turn deals with fucking Ichika's shit up. It's pretty easy to follow and you know, stuff happens. Fights, plots, more fights, stuff. Very high class stuff. Hardly important and obviously not the reason you're watching this. Pay no attention to it.

The other half, harem antics. Because we had the beach episode last season, which was scrumptious I should add, we get a quick pool segment (Quite good but needed to be longer), a class trip because that's what schools do, some episodes that have to do jack with actual plotting and while it doesn't feel as hilariously cliche as the first season -which is figuratively impossible- it's nothing special. But, those non-plot episodes range from OK to deliciousness to Episode 1. Seriously, episode 1 is that good.

Animation: Holy shit that first episode. You have no fucking idea how much that weighs into the score. That episode, so yes. Everything else looks more polished than S1, the girls still look good and it's stuff. But that first episode, glorious.

Edit: Oh my god those pjs. I am SO close to giving animation a 10 because of those.

Sound: I got nothing.

Characters: I've made sure to neglect to mention this before but the show introduces a character on par with Charlotte: President Troll. She just trolls the tits off Ichika and that already puts her on top in my books but she also kicks ass, isn't a fawning sheep, trolls him, sets him up and is just an all-around fun gal. Excellent addition that is a total contrast to her sister, where the resemblance is uncanny to a fault and is totally not a spoiler. Think Charles/Charlotte in the first season.

What should be mentioned is that I think Ichika got dumber in the second season. The first episode had him go full retard in terms of girls and you never go full retard. It's stupid and he gets rightfully smacked around for his stupidity. The consequences are good but the character that's the cause of it is far from.

That's about it for development for the current cast. Charlotte and Laura for the first episode maybe, but generally that's it.

Antagonists, the one in the first episode kicking the asses of those punk bitches, she's neat. Pretty neutral on them as a whole so yeah. They're gals because 99.9% of the people in this show are girls as Dan from S1 or OVA 1 hasn't appeared once nor did his sister who was suppose to transfer.

You get one good addition at least, and that addition is good enough for a pass. She's that good.

Overall: The first half, hell yes. The second half, crap in comparison. Also of note, the plot comes and goes throughout with some episodes being nearly all filler and having to do jack with the actual plotty plot. Things like that end up like episode 4, the one with the birthday, which I am perfectly fine with for all the right reasons. It's not like you're watching this for plot. The second half can't touch the first half so just finish watching it at the 6th episode and move on.

But let me tell you in closing: When it's great and plays to it's true strengths, it's god.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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