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Story: The story is retarded. Wait, wait wait wait, that came out wrong. Let me start over again.

Story: The story is fucking retarded. That's better. As to why it's fucking retardifucks instead of mere retardation of whatever the fuck is going on, well, that's easy! Everything about it! From the school life of King, a guy who likes to wear a Jaguar mask for shits and giggles who can kick the asses of all the punk bitches in his former Karate club, including the 7 foot tall gorilla captain; to the Space Time Continuum Police Force stopping a demonic demon lord of darkness from conqueroring the world due to a rip in the fabric of the space time continuum; to magical evil titty faeries who possess people and make them do evil things; to lightsaber Iron Man fights; to I have no fucking idea how the demon lords or the future space police have to do with one another or that one guy with the long hair and the wooden sword or why the fuck Earth is home to a rip in the fabric of yadda yadda.  This fucked up fantasy/sci-fi/comedy/school life/horror/mindfuck/action/supernatural/???/thriller/ecchi/shit randomly blowing up makes no fucking sense when you slap it all together.

I will give it credit for being hilariously fucked up and completely ball exploding awesome when it really kicks into gear, aside from the opening manly karate fight of jump kicks and face punches and shit. In fights, faces explode, demonic things explode, bitches get cut, energy beams from weapons get thrown around while shit starts to randomly blow up from the sheer testosterone and how half of this comes into play in terms of story or even 4/5 is beyond me. But it's awesome, and I didn't even touch on all the demonic monsters! Penis monsters, tentacle monsters, monster monsters, monsters who tear the clothes off girls, and titty faerie monsters. Most of them either blow up or explode into blood.

I actually don't even know what to rate the plot because I barely know how to explain it properly. It stopped making sense before the final confrontation and possibly well before that and that's not even including the completely random as fuck ending that just happened just because.

Animation: Well! This was quite a surprise. The eyes I particularly liked, well animated and any guy who was important was buffed and/or good looking, the girls were pretty fine, the Demonic Fairy Queen of Demonic Darkness was quite a looker, there was a Jaguar mask and the other monsters were as ugly as sin. Quite well done for a 80s OVA and it was fun to look at. Slips a few times but I really did like the style despite how outdated it may be.

Sound: The dub was shit but funny in how some of the VA phoned it in and didn't give a rat's ass. That's 80s English dubs for ya, and I wouldn't change it. The OST had some good moments, the credits especially and some of the latter fights but could have used more big, rad guitars and more guitar solos, emphasizing the massive amounts of ass kicking being dealt. Good overall but room for improvment.

Characters: You have got to be fucking kidding. I mistook a guy for the main guy who was actually some random schmuck because no one would fucking die like that before copping a feel. None of them had names I could remember and while they did some real important shit (By "important shit" I mean "kick shitloads of ass and getting into badass fights" kind of shit), they're as deep as a mostly empty bottle of grape soda. I don't know how to explain it any more than that.

Overall: This was stupid, confusing, nonsensical random ass shit and it represents bad 80s OVA properly., So bad it's good and packed with action and violent carnage. The plot is pointless, the characters are shallow, things explode for no reason, fights are had and things get butchered while people take over bodies and shit. I had fun with this, despite it's brain crippilingly flaws and a terrible English dub demands that it be watched dubbed for the full experience.

?/10 story
7/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
5/10 overall
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