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Arata the Legend

Aug 31, 2013

Story: I don't like this show so I'll throw in as much tastefully foul language and references to male private parts as possible while remaining my usually coherent self. Now, it isn't solely due to the pussy protagonist who is as manly as a sack of air and candy bar wrappers or the fact that I couldn't give a rat's ass about what was going on or how his arch nemesis Douchefuck is a complete and utter douchebag, not all of those but all are part of the many, many problems of this cliched shitstorm.

I guess I better start off somewhere, as in the premise. I'll be spoiling some shit, but it's kinda predictable shit. Really predictable shit. Me and Hasse were watching it together because misery loves company and we could predict most of the shit that would happen because holy balls it follows so many rules in the book. Contrived coincidences, bad sense of time later on, lack of suspense and suspension of disbelief. Predictable plot progression, some completely dumbshit moments that are a punch to the balls because they are not only coincidental but the fuck man. It sometimes gets so aggrivatingly stupid that it hurts.

Premise, right. Wussy guy is bullied by this guy he used to run with. Doucheguy, as I've mentioned before. Doucheguy does some shit to his friend who is a total tool and deserves to be punched repeatedly in the face, regardless if he wears glasses or not. This friend, he's not really a friend because he's a complete and utter bitch. So, we feel bad for Arata, and I really don't remember what happened because who pays attention to that shit? Plot? Fuck that. He switches places with this guy who happens to share the same name and they go to the other's respective worlds. The rest of the premise deals with... this historical history crap, all sorts of... words and shit. I don't do that. Basically shit just got real in Fantasy World and Wussy Arata is tasked to save it because everybody else is either a dick, a regular human or a total douchewad. Or Fabulous, I'll get to him later.

I didn't really explain anything much but the premise is nothing special. It progresses nicely for the first few episodes or in random spurts but quickly goes to shit. All sorts of dumb fucking shit starts to happen and people actually trust this complete and utter pansy ass bitch Arata to save the world and shit. And don't get me started on the shit that happens later. Predictable, cliche, stupid, contrived, a total dick punch move, horrid lack of empathy, irregular developments or lack thereof, dropped plot points and I really didn't give two shits before long. My mind even fuzzed over some of the dialogues and speeches.

Punches were made, and half of them were towards myself.

Animation: First off, there's this seriously fabulous, gorgeous guy later on. You'll recognize him by how fab he looks. And his weapon. Guy's just amazing, and his city? Faaaaaabulous~ Everybody else is a pig compared to him. Stupid clothing design because who wears a sleeve detached from the shirt? It's like Tidus and his half shorts. And White Hair doesn't even wear a shirt, only a vest to show them abs off. But shoulder/arm pit fetish abound, especially with Purple. That has nothing to do with anything but I really shouldn't give too much of a damn about what goofy clothes foreign worlds wear.

What I should is the special effects, or the shitty ass fire effects. Which were shit. Just plain atrocious, completely terrible. Water magic is no better but I guess actually is, hard to do worse than that fire. Except for Arata's light magic holy sparkles of golden showering. It looks bad, kinda funny at times and isn't a good use of the budget. But the dark magic, that was entertaining. Purple is a good evil colour. The character designs range from fabulous to generic to crap to I got nothing.

And points to the EP's beings clawing up at the hole where the sun shines. Artistic and stuff. Totally irrelevant though because it has nothing to do with the plot.

Sound: OP? So-so. EP 2? Crap compared to EP 1. EP 1, that's my shit right there. That's my fucking shit because that shit fucking rocked. Damn good stuff that made everything else look like shit and thus, BGM is serviceable and voices aren't outstanding, not that I can remember them or anything.

Characters: Oh god. Not again... Captain Fabulous, he's great. Best character of this shitfest. And Maid, she's awesome. Adorably clumsy and honest. There's also Arabian Prince, Green, and Hephaestus who is a forger. I only remember Arata (Wussbag) and Arata 2 (Other Arata) and no other names, Shizou might be one but I don't know who. Names aren't important. A lot of them aren't even likable, some of them not even memorable. Hell, one time I was surprised at this total tool just stepping up and saying some shit because I literally forgot he was there. I actually forgot he was there two minutes ago. The fuck kind of characterization is this? Characterizashit is what.

Arata, he's a wuss. Total nancy boy. I can rage about his candy assiness for a paragraph without delving into his power of defensive light because he's too much of a pussy to get some offensive magic to lay the beatdown on some bitches but you know I hate him. There's also the fact that development for other characters are either irregular, crap or they're just such douchebags that you don't give a shit about it. I'm glaring at you doucheguy.

TL:DR, I didn't give a shit outside of a few, a lot of them minors.

Overall: To sum up, it's fucking shit. Shit progression, fucking shit characters for the most part, cliche storm, shit storm, bad effects, lack of suspense and excitement in general and I didn't enjoy myself watching it. Bet it gets another season.

2.5/10 story
3.5/10 animation
4/10 sound
2/10 characters
2.5/10 overall
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