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Aug 29, 2013

Story: Already we're off to a bad start because I could give less than a hot turd about the plot. Not that it's bad, a plot is off to the right start if it's about hot chicks tearing each other's clothes off with sharp implements or lasers but damn if I remember half of the shit that was explained. I'm also (Or am) sure that it's a wonderful plot about genetically modifying hot chicks into hot fighting chicks with superpowers to save the earth from angels- Excuse me, Novas, with their boyfriends- Excuse me again, boy- well, boy. I guess. Because you need sexual tension between a superpowered babe and her boy who limits her and does some shit.

Yeah. It uh... it actually explains it a lot better and I'm all about genetically modifying humans and that rad science branch. It's good stuff. The history behind all this shit is decent, and I really got nothing else. So I'll go back to the Novas, who are these Angel things- Alien things, and they come from space to fuck shit up because aliens are douchebags. Again, I don't know. I'm sure it was explained where Novas came from and why they're fucking up earth but I don't remember. It's hard to criticize shit I don't know so I'll move to the shit I can criticize, which concerns the true plot, the budding romance between Douchefuck and Seltzy.

Shit. I guess you know it's bad when I have to use Douchefuck instead of his name, which I do know, which makes it all the worse. Seltzy I have no... animosity or roid raging hatred for, I just use the horrendously incorrect short-form Seltzy because her name is just so confusing and a hassle to spell. Setelizzer. Sete- Bleh. So it mainly concerns Aoi Kazuya, aka Douchefuck. What ensues is typical ecchi fare, complete with Kazuya douching it up by doing shit that makes Seltzy uncomfortable and fucking shit up. His constant fuckupery is screen-punchingly annoying and doesn't help his case in the slightest, not that he had one to begin with. It concerns him a lot when it isn't exposing crap and god I hated it.

Paragraph break- I can excuse the exposition because some episodes have a screentime of 50% fights and some episodes are all fights. 17 minutes of combat because why the fuck not. Beats plots and exposition because hot chicks fighting, you know? But sometimes the fighting completely overshadows the actual overarching plot, which is about stopping aliens or some shit like that. Hell, a new character was introduced in episode 5 or so and of course she wanted Douchefuck's babies but why she was there, I have no idea. Did my mind skip the part that explained her shit? That did some talky talky? Maybe, maybe... but a lot of the time it's about developing characters, developing Seltzy, showing how so many of these girls are complete bitch sluts, a crappy ass judicial system, a filler fashion show (A slutty filler fashion show, this I cannot explain) and- wait, shit, plot. What. What... I got nothing again. Cat fight shows aren't really high on plot. Guess it has more history/lore than actual plot and that kind of dumb shit.

Animation: Titties, and I mean titties. Pointless shower scenes that are nearly episodic, pool scenes complete with some skinny dipping, jiggling, more titties, panty shots, sexual harassment and fighting titties. And some other shit. And, stacked teachers, because it's not only the students who are stacked. I do have to admit how similiar Aoi's hot sister and Seltzy look, which excluding the tits and sexy back is not at all. That's very important to the plot. Douchefuck looks like a total pussy, fits the pussy guy/strong girl combination and overall, it looks good. Not shiny and glistening like how a titty show should be but still good.

Scenery and that kind of shit? It's backgrounds. But them burgers. Damn fine burgers.

Sound: Loved the music, all grand and big, made the fights more exciting and brought fighting breasts to the next level. Good stuff. Voices I'm alright with. So lenient on the music and may seem merely serviceable to some.

Characters: Aw fuck. Side and minor characters are more developed and likable than Douchefuck. Most I don't care about, Douchefuck gets too much screentime and just fucks shit up way too constantly, a lot of girls are again, total fucking bitch slut fucks and now that I think about it, you don't get much outside Seltzy, a random Green-Haired girl who is later integral to the plot (I'm probably just making shit up. Who pays attention to the plot that much?), Blue's love for Douchefuck is probably (Actually is) irrational and I guess... Arthur and Chiffon are pretty decent. The latter's nickname is pretty badass as fuck and deserves a point on it's own, and her herself for kicking some righteous ass.

Douchefuck, he brings the score down shitloads. Wish he died at the end, then this would be a 6 overall.

Overall: Man it was crap. I ran out of fucks before the final episodes rolled. The main male is absolute shit, the school is filled with bitches, pointless plot progression that is made up of fights and shit because why have actual plot? Who needs plot when you have tits, fights, douches, fashion shows and shit happening amongst the girls, concerning Seltzy and the Bitch Alliance. Is it terrible? Yes. Would I be watching the sequel Vibrator? Yes. Am I a dumbass? Yes.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
2.5/10 characters
3/10 overall
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