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Story: Holy shit guy, holy fucking shit. This plot man, it's like you just knocked out a lion with your balls. It's that fucking kickass and right now, I'm referring to that fucking kickass final fight, which is a total digiboner. Two digiboners actually. Man, that fight alone? Makes it 11/10 for being so fuckballs amazing and the pinnacle of everything thus far. Totally kicks the shit out of the next Digimovie and the second season for being so pimptastic and just so damn awesome.

So fucking amazing that it's worth watching for that moment alone.

So amazing.

Alright, other stuff. Seriously,  I didn't even know this second movie was the second movie, I thought it was the first or something and was wondering what the hell was going on until I done some spelunking and found it was what it was and wasn't what I thought it was. That doesn't change much and the plot's pretty good all things considered. Gives a reason on why Mimi is out of the show and given 10 seconds of screen time (7) and Joe is being Joe, doing shit that doesn't involve saving the world or being useful to the team. He's just doing Joe stuff and screw him, he barely gets any screentime and that's for the better of the picture.

Now, what does work is that fuck balls awesome fight and it's all thanks to a digidigimon. Or digimon, but on the computer making it twice as digital. I'm sure it's legit and all, and it's after the first season because everybody's grown up and Kari and Sora are as adorable and lovely as ever. Both needed more screentime. But the plot, pretty impressive considering how short the kids movie is. I really enjoyed myself with it, and the subplot between Tai and Sora, that shipping is always good because that ship is one of the best.

I haven't really talked about the plot that much but seriously, it works. Fits in with the Digitheme of the series, works with the mythos, leaves a sequel hook with some tool named William who so isn't one of the original 6 and it doesn't just shoehorn everybody in for shits and giggles. It's not some reunion where everybody is there and it's convenient for them to join up again and kick some digiass. It has that realistic feel to it, normal life that impedes with saving the world and when they do get to it, it isn't buttery smooth. It's rocky, like a bunch of rocks. Gives them conflict and ways to find resolutions, mixes it up a bit and makes it more engaging.

But it needed more Sora and Kari. Way more Sora, and that is a grevious fault. Very, very grevious. But again, and I repeat, less Mimi and Joe. That's pretty damn good if you ask me.

Animation: Oh my god that last battle. That, oh boy that was my shit right there. It looked good enough to lick. It looked so damn good! And that extends to the digi- internets? Inside the computer but not in the digiworld, it had that Summer Wars vibe (A movie I haven't seen and came out way after Digimon Movie 2) and looked really good, like the colours blend together without lines. The enemy's design appealed to me as he digivolved and lasers are always cool. The animation outside was pretty sound, considering it's a kid's movie. And Kari was adorable of course, that factors in heavily. 50% minimum.

Sound: Was it this one with the Digitheme remix, all that rap and shit? Totally jived with this cat, ya dig? I liked it, liked the music that called back to the first season, liked the voices and the sound was pretty groovy overall.

Characters: Kari, TK, Matt, Izzy and Tai, with Agumon and Gobumon- Gurumon at the forefront with Mimi and Joe mostly out of the picture. The only way this could get a perfect 10 was if Sora was at the forefront too.

Overall: 8, 9, 8, 9... 8. Pattern! But really, solid stuff and if I could rate it on Kari, it'd- Oh, wait, I almost forgot, she narrated some of it! 8.5! Know what? Sound's 8.5 too! Yup, totally biased for Kari. Movie's real damn good and probably hails the end of the Digiera. And once more, that final battle. That alone gives this 11/10 but it doesn't accept 11s.

8/10 story
9/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.5/10 overall
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