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Story: 10 minutes of it's hour runtime devoted to backstories on the three main duelists: Yugi Moto (Original), Jaden Yuki (GX, an academy dedicated to making kids into better duelists for a future in a children's trading card game) and that guy who plays card games on motorcycles (5D's, or 5 Dragons). About 30 minutes or so for the climatic card game that's not on motorcycles against the big bad and probably five minutes devoted to more card games, some on motorcycles. Then again, it's a movie about a children's trading card game. What would you expect?

Loads of cheese is what. I can remember how to play Yu-Gi-Oh years ago but now, they have all sorts of goofy shit for the cards. Multiple special abilities, some ridiculously broken trap cards, broken abilities, some truly messed up fusion techniques, uncanny luck by believing in the heart of the cards and motorcycles. I mean, who the fuck plays card games on motorcycles going at 150 mph? WHO DOES THAT. The future is what, because card games are the future.

I didn't get half the crap they did and half the time it seemed like they were pulling shit out of their ass especially with Paradox's ridiculously broken ass deck. Specifically his deck. Guy is frigging hax. But you tailor make your deck to kick righteous ass I guess, and that's what he did: Tailor made his deck to kick children ass. The three hero's decks? Those were legit. Ish. Certainly like the ones they used in the series (From what I remember in Abridged and commercials) and should give fans something to cheer about.

The time travel aspect is not half bad. Sure it's still pretty goofy and parts of it came up in the first few minutes of backstory and explaining crap but time travel in a children's trading card franchise. It shouldn't come close to making sense and know what? 88 mph. Made loads of sense after I thought of that when they were on motorcycles. And otherwise? Not a clue. Might have to do something with the mythos of Yu-Gi-Oh and I'm not as well versed in that as I should be.

But it's actually fun. All these tricks they pull out of their sleeve for their mons, special abilities and traps that are countered and counter-countered, all these plays that reverse and rereverse the opponent's move, gambits and risky moves, iconic characters and monsters showing up and it's card games! Card games are always fun. It doesn't need to make sense and it doesn't half the time but it's always comical in how serious children's trading card games are.

Animation: Some of the CGI looked bad but other times, pretty spiffy. Hair's all gelled, spiked and coloured and they got their crazy outfits that's only practical for card games. Paradox, why not. He's cool. And nice mask, looks in place with everybody else too. Pegasus is fabulous, the monsters apart from the CGI early on look the part and it's just fun to watch. I enjoyed the look of it and while not outstanding, it works with the mythos behind each of the three time streams and it's fun to see the three mesh together.

Sound: Heheh, I'm a fan of dubs, mainly the ones that are so bad they're almost good. This one wasn't too bad but Pegasus (Again) camps it up and the script is borderline cheese, trespasses into cheese with the dub. The VA make it fun to listen to and it's entertaining too, despite it being merely good. The music, it was good too. Some nice pieces that amp up the cheese and triumphant themes, some somber pieces and it was... good.

Characters: It's an excuse to get three characters from three different series/time periods (Sort of) in the same franchise about card games to team up, time travel to a point in time to challenge a time traveling neerdowell to a children's card game with worlds at stake. So, not much in the way of characters but they are who you would expect. I don't think they changed them much, if at at all but they suffice. And Paradox's motives, outright hilarious.

Overall: Children's card games, time travel, friendship, card games, duel disc systems that work the same way and cheese. No way can this be taken seriously and the moves they use with all the special abilities and countering counter cards with cards they layed down is pure bullshit but the ridiculousness of it all is hilarious to watch. I enjoyed this far more than I should have and is only worth a watch if you enjoy Yu-Gi-Oh. It'd be easier to stomach then.

6/10 story
7.5/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6.5/10 overall
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Fargo Jun 10, 2013

Nice review! I pretty much shared the same sentiment: enjoying it far more than I should have. But that's how all crossovers tend to work out. 

If you think the shit in this is ridiculous, you should see what they're doing in Zexal.