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Ichigo 100%

May 24, 2013

Story: Let me set the tone for this review, like all other reviews of it's like. It's terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE. I suffered an existential crisis of a sort as I wasn't too sure if the manga was really good after watching this show. It was so bad that I had to think on that! A show shouldn't let you think poorly about another adaptation you have gone through and thought moderately highly of! THAT IS NOT HOW YOU CREATE ANOTHER ADAPTATION.

Now that's done, lets get onto the less important parts with occasional profanity.

So, story. It's your typical harem anime. Guy does something perverted to the girl, sees her strawberry (Lol Ichigo) panties, girl runs but girl inexplicably falls in love with pervert. And more women join in because the pervert radiates a sexual aura that attracts women. As his harem grows, so does his inability to choose and thus the amount of perverted situations and strawberry panties. Being your typical harem anime, it surprisingly lacks a sufficient amount of ecchi, to my taste. It's unfaithful to the consistently fanservicey manga in this aspect and while it should have used more ecchi, it wouldn't have saved the painful plot of it all.

The plot's what you would expect; classic high school crap and a film club, because you need a way to film babes in swimsuits and an underground porn development studio. And some of the most gut-mauling contrived coincidences. I'm talking about people just randomly appearing at a random intersection in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, every. SINGLE. PERSON introduced, meeting up at that one time, nearly at the same exact time. Even at Junpei's house! The fuck is with that? And perverted hijinks ensue with a way too long face in crotch shot.

Yes. It was too long. And I don't mean his face in a girls.

Oh, and 12 episodes, it doesn't get far enough to add all the women that surround Junpei or any other perverts, let alone a conclusive ending, but it covers some chapters and as far as I can remember, somewhat faithfully and I can barely remember it. I can't really call it funny but it has a moment or few, more misses than hits though.

And not enough Nishino.

Animation: Ouch. I don't have many nice things to say so I'll get those over first.

1) Nishino. Love that short hair of hers. Love when she grew it out a bit and easily the most gorgeous of the bunch. And Nishino in a maid outfit? Bonus points!

2) Naaah, forget about 2.

3) I'm drawing a blank. Maybe the fanservice or something. Or when Manaka gets kicked in the balls, that's always fun.

Fun time; in general, the animation is shit. It looks ugly for the most part and while I thought Satsuki was a red-head, she was really a brunette. Huh. Stupidity aside, the characters resemble the ones in the manga but holy fuck Sausage Lips is so ugly it's funny. Sausage Lips because I couldn't give two craps to remember his name. I shouldn't be singling out a guy and pinning the blame on his horrific visage but it wasn't just the design. The way he moved, the way he spoke, was way creepy.

The other characters didn't look too good, the animation was poor, some of the facial expressions got way messed up and it was sloppy overall.

Sound: This is extremely questionable. The music, I really shouldn't care about it but there's a surprisingly decent EP, a catchy tune, an OP that uses gratuitous English with questionable wording (Which I love, guilty pleasure) and some truly moment ruining Chuu-chu-waa~ and a duet of sorts at the end of nearly half the episodes that is so hilariously bad that it's good. I don't even know how I enjoy it but whenever someone sings some nonsense syllables at a tender moment, I start to crack.

And that bit about how it ruins moments? I'm not docking points for that. It transcends terrible right into good, as bad as it really is.

Voices? They're alright. Don't like Lips though.

Characters: Let me start off by saying I love Nishino. The thread loved Nishino. Nishino was the best, the best by far and Manaka was a dumbass for not choosing her. Makes me want to punch him in the face. And... she was the one who wasn't... how should I put it... the one who was the least ruined by the show while having a chance to "win".

The other girls, Toujou and Satsuki, the two who really had a shot, got kinda screwed over. Toujou became bland, boring and kinda bleh despite her knockers. Also Junpei couldn't recognize her when she dressed like a nerd but that's his fault, not hers. Satsuki, who I liked, jumped on the Manaka wagon quickly and was orbiting his nuts like no other. She was determined to win, to the point where it almost got painful to watch. Hell, I wanted him to pick her before she got flanderized (By my opinion). Her Manaka-centric desire got a bit much.

Yui, she's cool. One of the least annoying gals of the bunch and one who climbs into Junichi's bed and strip sleeps. I stopped asking questions a while ago.

The guys aren't worth mentioning apart from Lip's inability to get anything but looks of disgust, horror and sheer revulsion as he tries to "get r done". Nobody falls for his perverted, creepy lack of charms. And by guys I mean guys that aren't Junpei, who deserves a kick in the nuts. Guy can't make a decision on picking Nishino and decides to drag shit out, making dumbfuck decisions that hurt others, sleazes it up, attempts to shoot smut and is all-around so easy to hate in the anime. really makes you want to punch him, and that's one of the best things I can think about him: He's punchable.

So why a 3? Easy. Nishino and Yui.

Overall: The reason it gets a 3 is because I haven't reviewed the OVAs. The series is shit, a pisspoor adaptation of the vastly superior manga. Everything about it is generally terrible and the music is questionable at best where your enjoyment varies wildly. Very few things are redeemable here and if you do decide to watch it, watch it with some friends. Misery loves company after all.

2.5/10 story
3/10 animation
6.5/10 sound
3/10 characters
3/10 overall
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