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May 9, 2013

Story/Characters: I don't really know how to go about this. The story is "Manga, manga, manga- Hold the fuck up, what's with this manga shit? Fuck that shit, let me drop some random scenario and we animate that instead of something that seems like actual plot." It literally throws manga out the window (Like plot) and returns to it right at the end (Think Seikon no Qwaser II but with significantly less tits, milk and sexual deviancy). "But it's 3 minutes and an episodic web series! Go easy on it you hardass!" Yes yes, that is true, so I can't grade it on dropping a douche on it's apparent initial focus on manga, but I can grade it on comedy and episodic content.

Which is shit. It's random but unfunny most of the time. Any comedy I found to be funny was of the sadistic kind, where the characters I grew to despise suffered pain and emotional trauma. Mostly pain, nothing much in the way of emotional trauma and mind decay here. The viewer doesn't count. And most of the comedy is driven by a douche of a main, White Hair. White Hair (Close enough) is an asshole, fucking up the only person who tries to do shit's shit up. With her less annoying accomplice Brown, that is. She is more tolerable but only slightly so. If it's her in the opening narration of the mangaka, then I retract that previous statement. And when the second half of the episodes rolled around, I longed for her... accurate portrayal of the viewer because the second one disturbed the everloving fuck out of me somehow. No spoilers here, folks.

And props for it being three minutes long, 2.5 if you take out the EP.

Animation: Don't think I'm done with shit analogies, because this segment is a heavy load. It looks like shit a 5 year old drew with some better colouring. I may be hating on a 3 minute web series- I mean TV series, but it's still pretty terrible. Not nightmarish as others or revolting enough to get me to stop smiling when it's funny and even though it has moments where it shines like a polished turd, it simply wasn't to my liking for most of the time.

I can give it points for creativity, some more properly drawn moments and for, once again, creeping me the fuck out in the second half.

Sound: Eh. EP was good, signaled the ending to each shitty ass episode and ate up time. No comments on VA as usual.

Overall: I'm running out of references to shit but this one's a plopper. Just flush it down and have the plunger ready.

2/10 story
3/10 animation
5/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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