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Sora no Otoshimono

Dec 24, 2012

Secret Santa Rec

Story: I have to admit, I didn't expect much plot for this one. I thought it'd be all panties, boobies, fan-service and jiggly mammaries but it's actually that with some plot sprinkled throughout. Well, more plot than I expected but the perversion factor met my expectations and once again triumphs over plot.

But before we get to the goodies, plots. It's decent and I was intrigued. By the big titty angeloid, angel + droid, you know that shit's good and she's like a blank slate, all non-human in terms of emotion and stuff. Doll like and when mixed with a perverted master it would equal some sexy time, except it doesn't. Sort of. Well, the plot concerning Ikaros and what she's all about is pretty nice and all and I enjoyed finding out what she really was but it's overshadowed by the sleaze and non-plot events.

When I say sleaze I mean sheer perversion and when I say non-plot events, I mean the ecchi genre staples: Beach, onsen, camping (Questionable), festival (Culture and Summer) and Christmas. Granted the plot pops up now and then and especially at the last couple of episodes, it doesn't keep a high head on it. Most of the crap that goes on is just comedic hijinks and fan-service. Through means brought on by the angeloids or whatever shit happens to Tomoki, it's fan-service/non-plot > plot.

But I do have to give it credit where it's due. It was pretty damn funny and I found myself cheering along with Tomoki's antics, even though I knew it'd mean his death if he continued. And flying panties, what's not to like about that?

Animation: Very nice, very nice, most named females are busty and chesty aside from the obligatory loli, they look quite nice and the flashy effects are flashy enough to make me clap in glee. Truly do love my flashy effects. But... I wasn't blown out of the water. It certainly could have looked better but still looks quite nice. But plenty of credit to the high panty factor, fan-boobs and all of the good stuff of fanservice.

And Tomoki, nearly always being a chibi sort of figure; small, short, perverted look in his eyes, it's pretty constant and entertaining when it's interacting with the world around him.

Sound: I don't know if I entirely like Tomoki's VO but it suits him. His was the most... memorable out of them all so that's the only reason why I'm singling him out. Don't get me wrong, the others are perfectly fine, just that his is the most noticable. The OP is nice but I can't remember the EP and we're done for music.

Characters: Well well well. First the rich girl, the one with the hilariously sadistic streak. Brilliant secondary character, no romantic interest in Tomoki, funny as all hell and she's just so delightfully cruel. Second of all is Tomoki, pervertedly dense with a good, perverted heart. He's the kind of guy who would collect panties, oogle at cleavage and aside from the panty collecting, a regular, good ol' perv. He is fun to watch and not as despicable as his perversion streak might make him out to be. He does good for an MC and does good by Ikaros.

Ikaros, as stated before is a blank slate, but here meaning no emotions and stuff. Kinda literal, but I like her. Melancholy with a constant sad look and takes care of a watermelon. I do like her development later on but even AI make dumb moves. To counter it, Tomoki again. That guy threw a wicked curveball near the end that I have to give him props for. And one more thing for Ikaros, she's damn awesome at fishing.

Rounding out is the tsundere loli, the tsundere childhood friend/next door neighbour/classmate and Sugata, the man obcessed with the New World, i.e. where Ikaros came from and the cold opener. Some of the stuff he does in the opening is pretty funny and he totally works for it over anybody else.

Overall: It's a good thing my fluxuating tolerance for ecchi > plots was good as the perversion was pretty crazy for this. Panties, panties, panties, and some fine ass cleavage in them boobage. It has all the staples of an ecchi with a non-ending (You didn't expect this to have a proper ending and there's the sequel Forte, with twice the ecchi) and location staples, neglection of plot for fanservice and some good jiggling. The plot's nice but come for the comedic hijinks and perversion. For something like this, plot will always come third.

6/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Madoka Dec 25, 2012

Haha though i didn't offer this rec, actually i did offer it to someone else though (though they didn't watch it... probably a good thing considering i was 90% sure they wouldn't like it xD) but yeah good review non the less, i enjoyed reading it. I watched this anime only 2months back and really enjoyed it, actually i quite like Season 2 with Nymph becoming more focused and less bitchy xD

Im not one who loves ecchi and perverted boobie animes (ok i don't hate them i just don't go looking for them) but i had to credit this anime it really was funny, i got so many laughs from it all and i think without selling the anime short or making it shine gold your review is spot on so good review in my eyes :)