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Detroit Metal City

Dec 17, 2012

Story: I'm going to be writing this review in a manner that suits it and to make sure you know what I mean, here's some statistics from the first 100 chapters on two words:

Rape: Used over 250 times.

Fuck: Used over 250 times.

You can't make this shit up. There's even a 10 rapes per second feature that shows up. And killing your mother and fucking your dad the day after, all in a song's work for DMC. Things like that, killing and rape, it makes mention of it in spades and considering it's split between Krauser and Negishi makes it even more impressive. One page has fuck 20 times on it!

For all it's fun in rape, profanity, sexual jokes and all that shit, it follows a pattern and falls prey to repetition. Many of the chapters end the same way and start the same way, with Negishi being a whining bitch on how DMC isn't his style, how he wants to be more trendy with his pussy ass pop music that is... holy shit fucks it's bitched. It's so sappy that it's unbelievable. The difference in lyrics can't be farther off.

It's more gags than anything else as everything returns to status quo by the end of the chapter or arc but it's still pretty entertaining. Krauser's antics outweigh Negishi's most of the time and while it falls flat sometimes it's still it's own brand of black rape comedy. I mean, where else would someone rape a building? Insanity doesn't only lend itself towards Krauser's acts, but by the batshit insane logic of his fans, who reference everything to Krauser's doing. Everything. They're pretty damn stupid but funny in their severe loyalty.

Art: To be nice, it kinda looks like shit. It's not ugly per say, but it's been hit enough by the ugly guitar to make it nowhere near pretty. The ugliness does work better than if it were pretty as, you know, it's metal and all rapey and shit. Still fun to look at but nonetheless, ugly as fuck.

Characters: Lord Johannes Krauser II fucking kicks motherfucking ass. That's all you fucking need to know about him. The guy is fucking nuts in the shit he does. Unlike his other side Negishi, who can hardly catch a break with his shitty ass songs. It's almost tiresome how pushy he is with his pop music despite the general consenus being that it sucks monkey fuck. But then again, he's the general butt monkey.

Everybody else ranges from fellow musicians; his abusive manager who never fails to mention how wet they made her when they play especially well; more musicians; Aikawa, the only person who might actually enjoy his music (??) and fuck it, this isn't high on developement but the characters are fun and in the band Jagi becomes something more and Camus, he always has a perverted word and a smirk. Yeah. Know what? Forget what I said about developement. The characters are alright, even if some are there to fill a specific one-dimensional role.

Overall: If you can handle repeated usage of the words rape and fuck, more profanity and rape for comedy, metal and repetition, then go to DMC! If not, get the fuck out you fucking pansy. This ain't high on characters or shit, it's fucking DMC! Kill 'em all!

7.5/10 story
5.5/10 art
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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